4 Easy Steps to Hiring the Best Cross-Country Mover

One of the most important steps to take in ensuring you have a smooth cross country move is choosing a moving company that has experience with long-distance moving. However, don’t make the mistake of assuming that all moving companies are cross-country movers. In fact, some moving companies may not even be legally authorized to move your valuables across state lines.

That’s why it’s key to find a professional and reputable moving company that specializes in interstate moves to safeguard your household goods and pack, transport and deliver them with extreme care. Below are four key aspects to consider when choosing a mover:

1. Check Certification

To move possessions across the country, moving companies must be licensed. The fastest way to check that is by either asking the company to provide proof of certification or licensure. No reputable moving company will even blink when asked for this – they will simply provide it to you. Searching for the moving company’s DOT or MC license number via the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Mover Registration Search system is also a good idea. This will show you that they are properly qualified for helping you move your possessions across the state borders.

2. Inquire About Staff

The movers who will pack and transport your possessions will have access to all your valuables and home on your moving day. So, it’s important to ask the moving company you’re considering if your movers will be properly background checked. It’s common for moving companies to use a mix of in-house staff and contractors, but some moving companies that outsource staff may not bother running a background check on the contractors that they employ, which can put you at risk. Ask your moving company about their policy and adherence to guidelines for vetting anyone who works for them.

Also, consider the staff’s experience. For instance, experienced moving companies employ move coordinators that hold relocation certifications, so you know they have experience with cross-country moves and you can rely on them to provide you with the best recommendations.

3. Make Sure to Get the Right Type of Moving Quotes

Reputable moving companies provide free moving quotes that help you know what to expect regarding the costs and logistics associated with your move. Since cross-country moving expenses are typically based on how many rooms you have, the weight of your possessions that need to be moved and how far these items will need to be moved, you can gather a more accurate estimate of your moving costs with a comprehensive estimate. Also, a trustworthy moving company will be upfront about what to expect and breakdown costs. To get the most accurate estimate of your moving costs, you’ll also want to use cross-country movers who provide moving estimates based on an in-person survey of your home or through a convenient virtual walkthrough using your own phone or tablet .

4. Ask About a Move Coordinator

Moving across the country is a huge job that you don’t have to do alone. Many reputable moving companies offer a move coordinator to help take care of the logistics of your move. For example, move coordinators will handle the verification of movers’ licenses and coordinate the moving process, including scheduling and organizing the packing and transportation of your valuables. They will also assist you in ensuring you have all the proper documentation needed for the move to help you make the moving process across state lines easy.

Final Thoughts

Moving long distances requires more planning and help than a local move. Always get detailed moving quotes to avoid unexpected expenses. Also, double-check the moving company’s certification and consider a team that uses in-house movers. By following these tips, you can simplify your cross-country move and enjoy a stress-free experience.

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