3 Tips to Make Moving More Fun for Kids

Family moving, when you have children of any age, can be challenging. Young ones may not show how stressful it is for them while teenagers can be at the opposite end of that behavior spectrum. Make moving more fun for kids by following these tips:

1. Plan the new room decorations with your kids.

Before moving day arrives, spend some time planning and envisioning your new rooms. It can be a fun, stress-relieving exercise to brainstorm the possibilities for children’s rooms. You can also get practical by looking at paint colors, wallpaper, new bed linens, etc. This lets your kids feel empowered, know they have a say in the matter, and channels their “family moving” energy in positive directions.

2. Get your kids involved with the move.

Let your kids get a sense of closure and feel important in the moving process. Help them decide what items should go in what boxes and have them label their own boxes so they have a sense of ownership. Plus, when you arrive, they might be more eager to help organize and unpack.

3. Make something fun with the empty moving boxes.

After you’ve moved in and unpacked, build a cardboard box fort with young ones and play with your kids to release some pent-up energy. For older kids, get some metallic paint and challenge them to create some artwork. For cat-lovers, have them construct the ultimate feline playhouse. A quick Internet search can provide hundreds of ideas to inspire your kids.

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