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For nearly 70 years, people have trusted their local move needs to Suddath®. Since opening our doors in 1952 to begin serving Ft. Lauderdale and South Florida, have upheld a reputation of quality and service in the market.

South Florida is a hot destination for relocation, both locally and from long distances. That high growth, however, also breeds some questionable and opportunistic moving companies that may not be on par with the quality and high standards held by trustworthy and time-tested companies like Suddath.

A committed mover you can trust With Suddath, we want to put your mind at ease and assure you that you will be hiring a best-in-class local moving provider. Our hundreds of satisfied reviews from customers in the area highlight our commitment to providing unparalleled moving services.

With a century of experience, numerous awards from respected industry organizations such as AMSA, and a proven record of safety and reliability, Suddath is a top choice for residents looking to make a local move.

We owe this leadership legacy and well-regarded reputation to our exemplary team. Valuing our customers begins with supporting the people who comprise Suddath.

Through our rigorous training and safety standards, our team - from drivers and warehouse personnel to customer service staff and field consultants - operates based on the feedback from our customers and are held accountable to the highest standards.

Employee certifications, on-going training hours, and metrics such as delivery times, incident claims, estimate accuracy reports and more, all serve to help Suddath continually improve processes and innovate new methodologies on its quest to perfect the moving process.

When you are greeted by your local moving team, you know you’re working with professionals who have been thoroughly trained in-house at our own Suddath University. Through classroom training, field mentoring, simulated procedures and more, our team is ready to make your move a memorable experience.

Ft. Lauderdale

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Our goal is to be the easiest moving company to work with. To get started, select one of three methods to obtain a moving quote that fits within your schedule and level of effort.



Give us a call and we’ll help you determine the best option to get a free move estimate that fits your lifestyle and schedule.

A custom local moving solution

A local move may only be a short distance but there are a number of factors that could require unique solutions, even for just a few miles.

Suddath provides a moving experience that will exceed your expectations, ranging from DIY to full-service. Not only will we provide you with a detailed, binding moving quote to start the process, we also offer services that afford you flexibility in time, cost and moving procedures.

Services with Suddath include:

  • A dedicated Suddath move coordinator to help guide the moving process. A highly -trained industry veteran will act as your single-point-of-contact for everything related to your move.
  • Specialized moving and packing solutions for the most unique items. This includes priceless antiques, artwork, wine collections and pianos, among others.
  • Packing services including full packing, partial packing, do-it-yourself and unpacking services
  • Long- and short-term storage options in our 120,000 square-foot Ft. Lauderdale storage warehouse
  • The Suddath Declutter and Store Program, which clears out and stores excess items from your home for better staging and quicker selling
  • A convenient way to earn cash back rewards with our Real Estate Agent Referral Program

Not only do we provide you with this full range of services to suit any moving need, but we also provide you with the content you need to understand the moving process, from guides for moving with children, pets and seniors to helpful moving checklists.

Convenient ways to begin the moving process

When you contact Suddath about your local move, we make every effort to earn your trust, and that starts with a free, no-obligation binding estimate.

In order to provide you with a detailed move plan and binding quote, we must first thoroughly assess your home and its contents. We offer two options to choose from:

In either scenario, an experienced Suddath representative will survey your home and generate an inventory list of the items that will be part of your move, along with other details of the move plan including distance, home layout, and personnel and transportation needs.

You can elect to have our representative visit your home directly, or you can schedule a virtual walkthrough where we view your home using a video application like FaceTime or Skype through your personal smart device.

As they are guided through your home, they will ask pertinent questions to help your crew plan for moving day. The more planning happens prior to moving day, the better we can create savings and efficiencies for your move. Once completed, you will be given a true estimate, outlining all costs so that there are no surprises on moving day.

Local Moving FAQs

1. What should I consider in a local moving company before hiring?

Reputable moving companies must comply with specific industry standards and regulations. To start, be sure they can show you a Department of Transportation (DOT) number. Moving companies are required to have one, as mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and you can locate this number on the FMCSA website.

All documentation should be readily available such as proof of insurance, valuation coverage packages, and accreditations through organizations like the Better Business Bureau.

Check out their online presence as well. A valid website should be in place with working phone numbers, email addresses, etc. Search independent reviews through Google and other trusted sources as well.

Finally, insist on a thorough walkthrough during the estimating process. Failure or refusal to do so could be cause for concern so perhaps researching a different company should be your next step.

For more tips, review our article on things to look for in a moving company.

2. When should I start my moving process?

Of course, it’s never too soon to start planning. However, ideally starting the process no later than eight weeks before your move date as a good rule of thumb.

Our detailed moving checklist is helpful for outlining your move, determining timelines, and more. While many parts of a move are common like packing, gathering documentation, and transferring utilities, you may also find that you have additional moving needs to consider. We have compiled some ideas to help you plan for moving with kids, older family members and even pets, offering tips to make the moving experience special for your entire family.

Choosing a qualified local moving company like Suddath can also help ease this process, especially if you face a compressed timeline. Our experienced and professional move coordinators will work with you every step of the way to develop an optimized moving plan.

3. Are my belongings protected by insurance during the move?

While a moving company cannot legally sell insurance policies (those must be purchased from independent insurance companies), reputable movers offer valuation coverage. In fact, there are federal laws according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) obligating them to do so. This again is another box to check off when you are evaluating movers.

Valuation coverage is an agreement between you and your local moving company over claims and their liability for those claims. This coverage offers an established compensation back to the customer if it is determined that goods were lost or damaged during the move, at the fault of the mover. At Suddath, we offer a standard Released Value Protection (RVP), which is valuation coverage at $0.60 per pound of your shipment. There are more extensive protections plans available that your local move coordinator can tell you more about.

It is important to determine which coverage – valuation vs. insurance – is your best option for your move. Our blog post offers more details about the different types of coverages available.

4. Is storage available in case I need it?

Yes, we are happy to offer storage at our facility in Ft. Lauderdale. At our 120,000 square-foot warehouse, we can accommodate your long and short-term storage needs. However, please note that for moves within the state, short-term storage is capped at 180 days.

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