Relocating Warehouse and Industrial Facilities

Relocating a warehouse or industrial environment involves moving raw and finished goods inventory, storage racking, heavy machinery, handling equipment and critical technology assets. All of these elements are extremely important to keeping your business operational and we understand our role in minimizing the impact of the move on your business.       

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We learn your business and supplement your internal resources

We recognize that you have internal experts and resources that only need help in certain areas. Our role is to work alongside your plant management, warehousing and materials management teams to understand current business operations and assess in-house capabilities to identify where outside resources are needed.   

We understand that inventory and manufacturing is the lifeblood of industrial and warehouse environments

The biggest challenges companies face during an industrial relocation is maintaining access to inventory and minimizing manufacturing downtime. We operate as an extension of your company to ensure strict controls around the movement of inventory and precise scheduling around the relocation of manufacturing equipment.

The art of achieving a relocation deadline while preserving current business operations is intelligent phasing, detailed planning and validated rehearsal. It is critical to fully understand what can really be accomplished over a specific period of time and to identify all of the dependencies in the process. Even the best plans should be tested upfront in controlled circumstances to validate timing assumptions and to uncover unforeseen dependencies.  

Relocation is a team sport

We recognize that due to the complex nature of industrial relocations our role is to operate as a member of a larger team. Collaboration, communication and teamwork between the various internal departments, OEMs, outside electricians, mechanics, riggers, plumbers and engineers is crucial.

Heavy duty equipment and specialized skills

We understand that moving an industrial environment is very different than moving an office. From moving rotary shelves to five-ton presses, industrial environments require specialized skills like rigging, disassembly and reassembly of industrial racking, packing of small parts areas, inventory management and significant physical resources like heavy duty cranes, lifts, rolling carts and flatbeds.

Services provided in critical industrial environments:

  • Warehouse layout planning
  • Warehouse relocation planning and oversight
  • Specialized rigging
  • Disassembly and reassembly of racking systems
  • Parts packing and material preparations
  • Specialized transportation
  • Warehouse management system administration
  • Vendor management

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