6 Things You Should Dispose of Before Your Move

preparing to dispose items before moving

As you are prepping for your move and taking inventory of all your belongings, you may realize a few items don’t need to make the move with you. Some items may just be older and not used or other items may be dangerous or difficult to pack up. To help decide what should stay and go, we asked our experienced moving consultant experts from Suddath® locations across the United States for the top items you should dispose of before moving.

Liquids and perishable materialLynette Wells, Suddath Tucson
These types of items are at risk to the rest of your belongings if you were to combine them in boxes while packing. Likely, liquids and perishable materials such as larger toiletries, detergents or food/beverage items are inexpensive to replace. Unless you will be carefully keeping track of these items during the moving and packing process, it would be worth it to simply repurchase after your move.

Unused itemsDan Lees, Suddath Orlando
I have told many customers through the years, it is usually cheaper to move an item than replace it, but if you do not want this item, do not move it. Yes, it’s common sense, but if you plan on getting rid of anything, do that before you move so you don’t have to plan a garage sale at your destination.

Very heavy/bulky itemsRich Reinert, Suddath Phoenix
If an item is heavy, inexpensive and not precious, don’t move it! Very large items could be frustrating to try and move. Things like appliances will probably be left behind at the place you are moving to. Suddath professionals will expertly blanket-wrap any precious items, for security, and move them to your new home.

FoodSteve Eschbacher, Suddath New York
Food adds weight to any move, which increases cost. Luckily, Suddath participates in Move for Hunger and can donate the food on your behalf. When your Suddath packing crew arrives, they will pack any designated non-perishable food you don’t wish to keep and transport everything to be donated to the local food bank.

Aerosol cans or combustible itemsSteve Radunich, Suddath San Jose
Much like liquids and perishable items, aerosol cans and combustible materials can be damaging to your other belongings, especially during a long distance move. If you cannot part with certain items that fall into this category, make sure to set them aside and make special arrangements to get them from point A to point B without issue.

Magazines and clothingCherry Thomas, Suddath Orlando/Melbourne
Magazines in massive quantities can be very heavy. Consider tossing older and outdated magazines and reading materials for a more efficient move. Sifting through clothing you have not used in a while is a helpful step to feel more organized during your move. Instead of packing all your clothing and hauling it to a new place, donating items is a great option to decrease the clutter while helping those in need.

The team at Suddath have professionally packed and moved thousands of people across the United States and internationally for years. For assistance on your upcoming move, contact us today.

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