Personalized Service that Removes Stress from Long-Distance Relocation

A long-distance move can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t need to be. Suddath provides personalized, flexible services along with a single point of contact to make moving an adventure instead of a headache.

For your move, you want a moving company that can predict your needs, proactively planning solutions, and keeping your comfort at the forefront of their every task. It’s a personalized moving experience that you can fit any budget.

Your dedicated move coordinator is a highly-skilled moving expert. With nearly 300 hours of training both in the Suddath training center and on-the-job mentorship, you can rest assured that your coordinator is ready for any challenge that your long-distance move may present. From your first call here in Portland to the placement of the furniture in your new home in a new city, your Coordinator can and will manage every last detail.

Our coordinators are trained with lessons from our century of experience in the moving industry. They will take the time to learn your preferences and address your personal concerns, becoming a partner you can depend on throughout the moving process.

No matter what special circumstances you need us to prepare for, we are here to take care of it all. Your move coordinator can even take the packing and unpacking tasks off your hands.

We offer many long-distance moving services that can be arranged for you such as:

  • Plan specialized packaging and crating
  • Staging of your home through our Declutter Service
  • Moving and storage of fine art collections, vehicles, pianos, antiques, and more
  • Manage schedule changes- even after your items have been picked up
  • Arrange storage of your items until your new home is ready

Common worries with long distance moves are delays, damaged items or last-minute changes.

Suddath has digital tracking to get ahead of any delays, and your move coordinator will be tracking your shipment the entire way. Our crews are expertly trained in our in-house facility to ensure your belongings are safe, but if you do have an issue, we respond within 24 hours after a claim is filed. We also have the breadth of services and flexibility to quickly deal with any changes before they become a headache to you.


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Our goal is to be the easiest moving company to work with. To get started, select one of three methods to obtain a moving quote that fits within your schedule and level of effort.



Give us a call and we’ll help you determine the best option to get a free move estimate that fits your lifestyle and schedule.

Flexible short- and long-term storage with 24/7 security

We have over 3 million square feet of storage facilities all over the United States. Each facility features 24/7 monitoring and climate control for your most sensitive items. Need to store your items until your new home is ready or after your current home is sold? Suddath can provide you with options that are both affordable and flexible to meet your needs.

Your move coordinator will work with you to plan and coordinate short- or long-term storage and will coordinate again when you’d like your goods delivered to you. Worried that your plans could change in the middle of your trip? We can handle that too. We know that long during a long-distance move, your moving and storage plans can change. We have the resources to quickly and easily adapt with you to take care of your needs.

Partnering to protect your belongings and peace of mind

It’s important to know that the moving company you choose understands how valuable your possessions are to you. You need to know that they can protect your valuables every mile a long-distance move. It is this commitment to your peace of mind that earned us the AMSA Award for our commitment to excellent customer service. We maintain a BBB Rating of A+ and are a Top Booking Agent for United Van Lines, where we provide the reliability and coverage of the #1 mover in the U.S. Together, we are the leader in long distance moving, completing over 50,000 per year.

Our relationship with United Van Lines means that no matter where you are moving across the country, we can get your things there, and get them there safely. No moving company has locations in every city in the country, so moving companies need to partner together to complete long-distance moves.

United Van Lines agents are held to the same stringent safety and training techniques that we use for our own employees and crew members, so we know we are partnering with quality. We are a true long-distance mover, which means that through United Van Lines we have established processes, and longstanding relationships that help to complete your long-distance move.

Long-Distance Moving FAQs

1. How do I know I’m hiring a trustworthy long-distance moving company?

There are several things you can do to perform due diligence and make sure you’re making a wise choice.

Pay special attention to the company’s process for providing a quote. All moving companies must perform a home walk-through prior to the day of your move. Only then can they give customers a moving quote. If the pricing is vague or if the company is unwilling to commit to a specific number, we recommend finding a different moving company in the Portland area.

Another important step in verifying the quality of a moving company is to perform online research through reputable, third-party websites. Start with Google Reviews, and then be sure to check with organizations like the Better Business Bureau (“BBB”). They can verify that the companies you are considering are established and accredited. The BBB will allow you access to the files and show you the company’s response to those claims.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or FMCSA, is another valuable resource of information. This organization’s job is to make sure that all commercial carrier vehicles that meet certain requirements have a Department of Transportation (DOT) number. Once you have the DOT number, look up your moving company on the FMCSA website. You can also ask the moving company directly for their DOT number.

We also recommend that you ask your mover for any accreditations they have earned and what industry associations they belong to. Lastly, request their insurance information and be sure it’s up to date. Any reputable moving company is accustomed to supplying this information to its customers and will do so willingly.

2. What are my options for a long-distance moving estimate?

We try to make your process for getting an estimate as easy and stress-free as possible -- and most importantly, transparent.

There are two options available for receiving estimates. We offer both in-home surveys and virtual walkthroughs. For both options, a Suddath representative will review your home with you, one room at a time in order to assess what needs to be moved and look for any details the moving team may need to know prior to moving day.

If you choose an in-home survey, we will set an appointment and a team member will perform the walkthrough at a time that is convenient for you. If you prefer a virtual walk-through, you will just use your smartphone or tablet to provide our team members with a video walk-through of your home.

Once the walk-through of your choice is complete, you will have two options:

  • A non-binding estimate - this estimate is calculated from the total weight of your shipment. However, we will not know the exact weight until moving day, when all your items are loaded onto the truck.
  • A binding estimate - this estimate provides the cost of your move up front. If the final weight is above or below the estimate, you will still pay the rate we quoted in the binding estimate.

3. How do you vet your employees and moving crews?

All Suddath team members who enter a customer’s home are required to display their crew ID number. This number indicates that they’ve been fully vetted by our internal team, they have completed our intense screening process, and they have been fully compliant with our safety processes.

Every Suddath driver is interstate qualified. They must complete the same qualification process for both local and long-distance moves. Suddath also enforces strict compliance with all safety procedures by putting every one of our drivers through an in-depth background checking process. This process includes drug screening, criminal records, and driving records.

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