Charlotte, NC

Fast Facts

  • 2,100 employees
  • 8 week timeline
  • 12 person crew


  • Office relocation
  • Commercial storage
  • IT disconnects

Client Testimonial

Thank you and job well done. You came in with a plan, were well prepared, made adjustments when you needed to and executed the plan flawlessly. Your meticulous nature and attention to detail is very much appreciated and we needed it to pull off a job of this magnitude. Also, the crew did an excellent job.

- Project Manager
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Reduced risk and more control with game-changing technology


A major financial institution sent all employees to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. During that time, they took the opportunity to renovate their Charlotte, NC, campus to create a space that enabled productivity while spacing out workstations amid pandemic concerns. Because employees were working remote, the organization needed a trusted partner to pack, move and store employee and corporate items into a secure tunnel located under the campus while renovations took place.


As a previous Suddath® customer, the financial institution knew it could rely on our experienced teams and award-winning technology to provide the security and organization needed to successfully mitigate risk during the renovation. Using our game changing, proprietary Tracker technology, items for 2,100 employees were digitally accounted for down to the last detail, so all items could be securely stored with strict control over items, which included highly sensitive cyber security equipment.

This unique move filled nearly a mile-long area in an underground tunnel with pallets, which takes an experienced organization to properly place, store and navigate a project of this magnitude. To further reduce risk during the project, Suddath used a small 12-person crew to complete the entire relocation of office items in only eight weeks. This dedicated crew ensured the process was followed for each item, and everything was properly tracked and stored, so employees would have the correct items when the renovation was complete. The small, dedicated team also helped alleviate pandemic concerns by limiting the amount of people working together. All Suddath workers followed pandemic best practices including wearing masks and social distancing whenever possible.

Because the contents of the office were being stored underground and employees may need to access items during the renovation, Suddath quickly devised an innovative system to enable access to boxes without compromising the integrity of the unique underground storage system.

The financial institution was so impressed with Suddath’s ability to offer visibility and control through innovative technology and devise creative solutions during a pandemic, that they committed to partnering with Suddath on additional renovations throughout other buildings on their campus.

The organization’s vice president said, “Outstanding job. I am pleased with the service provided all the way around.”


  • Provided visibility, control and accountability for employees’ items through our proprietary Tracker technology
  • Disconnected, packed, moved and stored 2,100 employees’ IT equipment and personal items
  • Created innovative solution for underground storage
  • Relieved security and pandemic concerns with small, dedicated crew

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