Plymouth, Minnesota

Fast Facts

  • 2.5-day office relocation
  • 35 workstations
  • 50 chairs
  • 22 private offices
  • 8 breakroom tables
  • 2 portable storage units
  • 17 truckloads

Key Services

  • Move planning
  • Office relocation
  • Final mile delivery of workstations
  • Installation
  • Decommission

Client Testimonial

I’m pretty sure I speak for all of us when I say everyone did an amazing job! Your team was professional and organized, even when we made last minute changes, and all-around great people to work with.

- Ashley Johnsrud, TN Marketing
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Efficient Office Relocation Reduces Employee Downtime


TN Marketing, a global video streaming service, was relocating their nearly 50-person office in Plymouth, MN. The organization was focused on minimizing disruption and pull on their internal resources to complete the move. They needed everything from move planning and relocation to furniture installation and decommissioning, with the move completed within one week. The project was further complicated by limitations at origin and destination, including no dock and small elevators, making the short timeline incredibly aggressive.


Through a broad menu of traditional office moving services, combined with an expanded suite of specialized services, Suddath® provided a complete solution that minimized downtime and enabled employees to remain focused on their role, not the move. Because TN Marketing bundled services while working with Suddath as a single provider, they saved time and reduced costs. Suddath started by creating a comprehensive move plan, which included office furniture relocation, final mile delivery of workstations, installation, and decommissioning of their former office.

By providing a 16-person, onsite crew to navigate the office limitations at destination and origin, Suddath relocated 17 truckloads of items in 2.5 days, which was a half day less than expected. Suddath’s experienced installation team assembled 35 workstations, 50 chairs, 8 breakroom tables, 22 private offices, conference rooms and two portable storage units to ensure employees could be productive in their new office space.


  • Minimized downtime and saved costs by bundling services with single provider
  • Completed office relocation half-day early
  • Created seamless employee experience with ability to be immediately productive in new location

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