St. Paul, MN

Key Services

  • Technology relocation
  • Device installation
  • Employee relocation
  • Decommission of existing furniture

The Facts

  • $20K in client savings
  • $4.5K furniture sales revenue
  • 190+ employee moved
  • 170 decommissioned workplaces large classroom
  • 350+ monitors moved

Client Testimonial

Suddath helped us at each and every step of the moving process. [Our project manager], Dan, was easy to get ahold of whenever anything was needed, was prompt at responding to us and solution-driven at all times. On top of that, the teams who did the heavy lifting were friendly, easy to work with, and made the move a breeze.

- Molly Bethke, Kimley-Horn
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Flexible solutions and consolidated service result in savings and a better experience

Background & Challenge

Kimley-Horn is a premier planning, engineering and design consulting firm. With nearly 3,500 staff members in offices across the U.S., the company works with clients on projects ranging from public infrastructure to private development. Although they are a national company, their commitment remains the same in every location—clients can expect more and experience better when they partner with Kimley-Horn.

In 2018, the company relocated their St. Paul, Minn. location. During this transition, they were looking for a commercial moving partner that could mirror their own client promise and deliver it back to them.

During the relocation, Kimley-Horn had to move nearly 200 employees, common areas and electronics from a nearly 56,000 square-foot building they had occupied for more than 15 years. While the new location was physically close to their old office, the years spent in the building meant there was a surplus of items for disposal. Kimley-Horn purchased new furniture for all employees, therefore all used workspaces needed to be decommissioned. The company was looking at more than $20,000 in disposal fees. Kimley-Horn needed a vendor who could do both the relocation and decommission within the firm’s budget and timeframe, while minimizing disruptions to the business.


After considering several moving and storage companies, Kimley-Horn chose to partner with Suddath® because of its comprehensive menu of services. Suddath relocated more than 190 employees as well as all conference rooms, production rooms, break rooms, contents, personal computers and other sensitive IT equipment.

A last-minute complication arose when the office property manager said the building could not handle the company’s purging needs. Luckily, Suddath was there with a solution. In a matter of hours, Suddath delivered and placed speed packs throughout the entire building for Kimley-Horn staff to dispose of old contents before the move day.

In addition to the relocation, Suddath completed all decommission services, including removing and donating all private office furniture, systems furniture cubicles and miscellaneous unwanted furniture items. Suddath staff worked diligently to find donation partners and other vendors willing to purchase the furniture. Kimley-Horn saved more than $20,000 in disposal fees and received $4,500 from the sale of used furniture.


The relocation was completed both on time and on budget, and the decommission took three days, as planned. Because of Suddath’s diligence in finding partners to dispose of and buy the used office furniture, the customer saved $24,500 on the project. As a first-time Suddath client, Kimley-Horn was impressed with the flexibility, scalability, savings and service provided, and felt that Suddath gave them a better experience than expected.

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