Kentucky, Minnesota, Texas & Utah

Key Services

  • Warehouse relocation
  • Employee relocation
  • Technology relocation
  • Office moving
  • Medical device inventory and relocation
  • High-value product and art relocation

The Facts

  • 400 employees
  • Warehouse move to Kentucky
  • Manufacturing move to Utah
  • Employee move to Texas
  • Over 50 truck loads

Client Testimonial

Suddath took a very complex move to three separate locations and broke it down into manageable phases. They were an extension of our team.

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3 complex moves managed with precision

The Challenge

A 97-year-old German prosthetics company found themselves with three critical and simultaneous relocation needs. They were relocating their U.S.-based corporate headquarters from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Austin, Texas; moving their logistics facility to Louisville, Kentucky; and moving their manufacturing facility to Salt Lake City, Utah. This complex and multifaceted project needed a partner with a broad footprint to move a variety of office, manufacturing and warehousing equipment, as well as 400 employees to three locations around the country.

 Project Goal: To relocate an office, warehouse and manufacturing facility from one centralized location to three separate locations across the country.

The Solution

Suddath® was able to address all of their concerns and provide consolidated service solutions for each destination location around their unique needs.

Warehouse Relocation to Louisville, Kentucky
• Racking
• Pick and pack process
• Put away products
• Pallets
• Forklifts
• Inventory medical devices
• Packing parts and high-value products

Manufacturing Facility Relocation to Salt Lake City, Utah
• Heavy machinery
• Inventory
• Labs and CNC carvers
• Production equipment
• Specialized rigging team

Employee Office Relocation to Austin, Texas
• Desktop computers
• Files
• Chairs
• High-value artwork

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