Key Services

  • Workstation packing
  • Personal items pick up
  • Workstation reset and wipe down
  • Waste removal
  • Desktop technology Installation

Fast Facts

  • 2,800+ employees packed
  • 1,000+ boxes distributed
  • 3,200 workstations resets
  • 900+ full desk component installations
  • 1,500+ CPU holders removed
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Innovative technology streamlines purging, packing and resetting workstations for new hybrid work model


After a year of employees working remote, a leading social media company wanted to permanently shift to a hybrid in-office and remote work model. Prior to the pandemic, employees had designated desks they sat at daily. In the updated model, employees would check out a desk when working in office. To prepare for this shift, the company needed to remove all personal items left in the office and unify workstations with the same equipment to enable any employee to use the space.

With over 6,000 employees and the global pandemic still impacting policies, the company was facing unique challenges, including:

  • Cleaning out workstations and packing personal items without employees entering the building
  • Reuniting employees with personal items while maintaining social distance
  • Updating occupancy reports after employees have not been in the building for over a year


As an industry innovator quick to adapt to customer needs and solve challenges brought on by the pandemic, Suddath® leveraged our proprietary office moving technology to create a complete solution that streamlined the transition to a hybrid workplace.

Through our innovative Tracker ® technology, we made it easy to ensure all contents from each workstation were assigned to the right employee and boxed together for pick up. The Suddath team performed virtual packing sessions, enabling employees to make decisions about what they wanted to keep and discard, which reduced the organizations overall packing needs.

With digital documentation in Tracker, Suddath had virtual records of valuable items, including jewelry, gift cards and sensitive documentation to reduce risk during the transition. Tracker also streamlined the process of reassigning items not at a workstation, such as marketing materials, to a specific employee so they were accounted for during the office reset.

Once workstations were packed, Suddath hosted box pickup events where employees collected their items. Using signage to create a COVID-friendly flow of traffic, Suddath made it easy and safe for employees to collect their goods while maintaining social distance.

The Suddath team reset 11 buildings ensuring all workstations had the same furniture and equipment, removed all waste and installed desktop technology, including computer arms, monitors and surge protectors, as well as tested all technology was functional.


  • Created a complete hybrid workplace solution by offering multiple services through one provider
  • Streamlined packing 2,800 employees’ personal items with proprietary technology
  • Reset 3,200 workstations
  • Installed desk components for over 900 workstations

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