3 Ways Modern Commercial Storage Can Benefit Your Business

A warehouse is more than space for storing office furniture and surplus inventory – it’s a multi-use facility helping businesses optimize everyday workplace needs and commercial moving projects. However, many warehouse facilities lack the technology needed to make the most of your stored items. By relying on manual methods for tracking stored office furniture and other inventory, your business could miss out on untapped resources that can boost productivity, streamline your commercial storage needs, and enhance visibility and control over assets.

Know Exactly What Is Available

Get more visibility and control over your stored items with advanced technology that enables you to follow the progress of your work orders through completion. Whether you’re opening a new location or renovating an office space, quality warehousing for asset tracking is critical as your commercial project moves through different stages.

On arrival, your assets immediately enter the receiving and inspection stage. Here, incoming office furniture, equipment, and sensitive records are carefully inspected and segmented based on asset type, time sensitivity, and scheduled deployment. Paired with the latest technology, asset management is simplified with access to digital photos and tracking innovation giving you real-time, visible confirmation of stored assets.

Throughout the inventory cycle, detailed inventory reporting, customizable product catalogs, and automatic restocking alerts are a few benefits you can appreciate for better asset tracking.

More Space in A Central Location

Free up space and utilize warehouse storage for assets that are not in use, such as idle machinery, office furniture, medical equipment, employee and student workstations, or seasonal FF&E. For products that require special care, look for a warehouse partner that can store inventory in a climate-controlled setting to avoid quality reduction or damage due to temperature sensitivity.

Are you planning a renovation project or relocating headquarters? Commercial warehousing is a great resource to safely store your valued assets in a secure environment while finalizing a commercial move. Also, additional storage enables you to replenish and expand inventory, creating more workspace options for your business. As your company evolves, the extra space increases flexibility to handle business needs and future endeavors.

Enhanced Supply Chain Solutions

Outsourcing your warehouse needs to a third-party logistics partner is ideal for optimized supply chain management. Through a flexible, comprehensive facility framework, you’ll have the resources to manage high-demand environments, seasonal fluctuations, and new trends. Stock up months in advance to avoid shipment delays and maintain dependable operational flow. From bulk receiving, kitting, and repackaging, to global transportation and e-commerce solutions, partnering with a 3PL provider with premium commercial furniture warehouse services guarantees next-level support for your business.

Suddath’s commercial storage solutions help businesses complete a variety of office moves and renovation projects. Through innovative technology and diverse commercial storage services, Suddath can design a complementing solution featuring real-time visibility over stored assets, fast and flexible project management, and access to a nationwide warehouse network.

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