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From Moving and Storage to Logistics: Suddath Keeps New York Moving

We've been at the forefront of moving people, products and businesses for a century. Among NYC moving companies, the Suddath® name is synonymous with expertise in moving, storage and logistics management in America and around the world, and we're ready to meet any moving needs you have.

Whether you're looking for cross-country movers, international movers, relocation services for your employees, or a supply chain management partner, start your planning with Suddath. We offer personalized customer service, no matter the size of your move or project.

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Expert Residential Moving Services for Your New York Home and Family

You may have more choices in New York movers than ever before, but not all moving companies are alike. The Suddath team does more than transport your belongings: We can help you plan and coordinate your move, then pack, deliver and unpack your belongings. In case your new address isn't ready for all of your items, convenient short- and long-term storage are also part of our residential moving solutions. If your plans also include selling your current home, our storage solutions are ideal for decluttering your home to get it ready for staging.

For your and your family's peace of mind, every driver, mover and packer undergoes a stringent background check. Our team members also receive extensive training in the safest and most effective methods, including 25 hours of classroom training.

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New York relocation management specialist discussing employee move plans

Corporate relocation services for your New York employees

Our expert corporate relocation services offer benefits beyond simply moving employees from one location to another: We provide a comprehensive, customized relocation program that includes understanding your business needs, mitigating risks, and minimizing downtime. We work with you to develop a plan for a seamless transition, as well as create an ongoing, long-term program that transforms your employee relocation process into a business advantage. With cutting-edge technology and analysis, 24/7 access to key data, an extensive quality assurance program and more, Suddath's employee relocation specialists in New York support your talent management strategy. Whether you need cross-country or international movers on your team, Suddath is ready to contribute to your business success.

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New York office mover working on space planning

Commercial moving, storage and workplace solutions

The largest brand names in the world turn to us for our commercial moving and storage services. Our full range of workplace solutions, moving services, and storage services are designed to maximize our client's budgets while still delivering the highest level of service and support. Our commercial moving and storing services in New York include space, furniture and employee move planning; vacated space services; ongoing program services, and much more. Our commercial moving team offers customized plans and strategies, plus visibility into every aspect of our work with you. You'll have a dedicated single point of contact throughout your project.

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New York third party warehouse workers discussing hospitality project management

Global logistics and warehousing

When your company does business around the world, few moving companies can also be your logistics partner. At Suddath, we specialize in end-to-end solutions, including supply chain management, contract logistics services, global freight forwarding, and domestic ground transportation. Our global logistics and warehousing services are tailored to your business needs, with flexibility built in to every step of the process: As your needs change, we can quickly respond without compromising the supply chain stability your business relies on.

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FAQs in New York

1. What commercial moving services do you offer and/or specialize in?

Suddath is full-service and adaptable to any commercial project. Our teams can provide IT disconnect and reconnect services, fully decommission any items left behind and completely design your new space with brand name furniture. We have worked with clients in the restaurant, medical, and hospitality industries, among others.  

We have a program for clients with large campuses where they can procure services through our patent-pending Telescio® web portal, and those services are then bundled to provide cost savings. That technology is combined with our proprietary Tracker software, which is an industry standout when it comes to transparency. It provides you with real-time updates as to when your items are moved out of the building, when they’re delivered by our New York movers and when everything is set up. 

2. Our hotel is undergoing a remodel in New York. What type of support can you offer?

Suddath’s Hospitality Logistics team is well equipped to handle every phase of a hotel remodel and new construction. For the hospitality projects we handle, installation services and project management teams collaborate to ensure that projects stay on-time, on-budget and on-brand. We can offer aligned warehousing, distribution and sequencing, FF&E installation and transportation management. In the past, we have worked both with bigger international resorts, like the Baha Mar® hotel and resort in the Bahamas, as well as business-class hotel chains like the Hilton Garden Inn®.

3. Do you have an executive move service offering?

Suddath Nobility is our executive move service offering. A Nobility move focuses on offering highly personalized services from a team with extensive experience. A transferee who has this service will be given an account manager with availability around the clock. That person will plan timelines, review logistical needs and arrange personal touches.  

That level of dedicated coordination for those moves is our recognition of the specialized attention an executive-level relocation requires in order for your transferee to succeed in their new work environment. 
Alongside an account manager, there will also be an on-site project manager, support services, a vendor contact reference list, and an electronic document package, which is all designed to ensure no detail is forgotten. On top of that, you’re able to hand select your van operator and crew assignment, if you so choose.

4. Can I choose any day to load my items?

Yes. It is recommended that you work with your move coordinator on the dates, and be mindful that flexibility on dates can be beneficial financially. This is especially true during peak moving season, which is May through August. Because moves are scheduled based on availability, certain days may be less expensive to move – for example, moving on a Thursday may be less expensive than moving on a Saturday. 

Your move coordinator will work closely with you to ensure that you’re securing the best dates for your move. 

5. Do I need valuation coverage?

It is entirely up to you, and your comfort level. Suddath offers two options, and you can choose which one is best for you. We provide a minimum coverage at no cost, which amounts to $0.60 per pound per article. It’s an economical option but provides minimal protection.

In addition, we do offer full-value protection. In the unlikely event an item is damaged, that covers $6.00 per 10,000 lbs. So, if you have a 10,000 lb. shipment for example, you'll have $60,000 in coverage. That again, is compared to the standard coverage of $0.60 per lb., which for example, would reimburse you $6 for a damaged item that weighs 10 lbs. 

6. How do I submit a claim if something is broken during my move?

Due to our training standards, it is unlikely that something will be damaged during a move, but if that does occur, the first thing we ask you to do is fully document it. Then, reach out to your move coordinator, who will send out a claim form to you. Once you receive it, you have 90 days to file that claim. It will ask you to record both the tag lot and the tag number that the driver placed on your goods. 

Once you have identified what is broken, there will be a column for the value. There, you can estimate the value and your move coordinator will help you to return that form to Suddath. Depending on the size of the claim, we may have an adjuster come out to your home and look at the goods to work out a fair solution with you. 

7. How do you select and hire your employees? Do you contract work out?

The nature of the moving industry requires that we hire contractors. However, Suddath’s focus is always on safety and full compliance. All our drivers, contractors or not, are interstate qualified, comply with our rigorous background-check policy, which includes a drug screening. This is compliant with our partner, United Van Lines, as well as with the DOT.

Although we do use contract drivers, they are virtually indistinguishable from our salaried employees – they work exclusively for Suddath, and many have been working with our moving company for years. 

8. If I'm looking for office relocation, what services do you offer?

Suddath is a one-stop-shop for all your office relocation needs. Our team can provide you with new office furniture, reconfigure your office, or configure the office you’re relocating to. We will take down the cubicles, move them where you need to go, and reassemble them. If you don’t want to take them with you, we can decommission them. 

We are IOMI® certified from the International Office Moving Institute, and can offer a competitive price and fully background-checked employees. Those employees will also be experienced in understanding what your needs will be – in some instances, before even you do.

In an office relocation project, the point person would be assigned a dedicated Suddath move coordinator who has the experience to anticipate and avoid any potential issues or delays.

If any warehousing needs arise, Suddath offers a secure 45,000-square-foot warehouse with a state-of-the-art warehouse management system. The system tracks, in real time, any item that moves into or out of the warehouse. Within our portal, the customer can go in and view when an item is scanned into the storage location, scanned out and scanned back on to the truck.

Suddath’s proprietary cutting-edge technology — Estimator and Tracker, powered by Telescio® — make the commercial moving process both more transparent, and easier for our customers. There is a peace of mind in the security of full transparency into the relocation process that is unmatched by any other service.  

9. How can I prepare for my move?

It’s important to understand that moves are based on weight. Purging things you don’t need, or that can be more cheaply replaced on the other end is a good first step in preparing for your move. This could include items like canned food, magazines, or papers and files that you can digitize instead of bringing with you. 

Suddath has teamed up with Move For Hunger to assist in this. Our local moving company works with our customers to donate unwanted non-perishable goods and have collected nearly 80,000 lbs. of food for people who need it in the community.

Suddath also offers home moving checklists that details what you should be doing or thinking about each week leading up to your move, out from eight weeks before the load date. We also offer an office moving checklist to assist those who are embarking on an office relocation. 

10. Can my possessions be temporarily stored with Suddath? If so, what are the differences between short-term and long-term storage?

Suddath has a state-of-the-art 45,000-square foot warehousing facility available to the New York area. We offer a plethora of options that allows storage both within budget and within any unique requirements. Whatever your need, we have the logistical ability to handle it. 

Your items will be kept and stored in a fully-enclosed vault within the warehouse. Our highly trained warehouse staff will pad wrap your valuables and carefully store them in the vault storage container.

In the case of household storage, the main difference between short and long-term (otherwise referred to as permanent) storage is the timeframe in which your items will be stored. In the case of an interstate move, you should remember that your storage time caps at 180 days. 

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