6 Steps for an Easier Home Move

No two moves are exactly the same, but these common steps can eliminate many home moving headaches.


Choose Your Move

Your first decision is whether to hire movers or do it yourself. There are pros and cons for each:
the good news is you don't have to pick one or the other.

  • Hire professional movers

    Hire Professional Movers

    • Move planning advice
    • Skilled packing and unpacking
    • No scratches and dings
    • Heavy lifting
    • Insurance options
    • Clean up and recycle
  • Move Yourself

    Move Yourself

    • Save on your moving budget
    • Plan around your own schedule
    • Free help from friends and family
  • A Little of Both

    A Little of Both

    • Get move planning advice
    • Pack some/all your stuff
    • Unpack some/all your stuff
    • Mover does the heavy lifting
    • Insurance options
    • Clean up options
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Get an In-Home Moving Estimate


If you're hiring home movers, request a home moving quote. Professional moving companies do a complete walkthrough of your home before quoting any numbers.

Never accept an estimate over the phone!

Ask your mover to explain how moving insurance works.


To Pack or Not to Pack?

There's no way around packing, but you do have some options.

  • Full Packing Services

    Full Packing Services

    • Professionals pack and move all your belongings
    • They put everything where it belongs in your new house
    • They recycle the boxes
  • Partial Packing Services

    Partial Packing Services

    • You pack the easy stuff
    • Leave large, awkward, delicate or breakable items to the pros
  • DIY Packing

    DIY Packing

    • Buy your own packing supplies
    • Pack your stuff
    • Hire pros to move your belongings and place them in your new house
Pro packing tips

Plan and Schedule Your Move


Plan ahead! Things to remember: summer is the busiest time of year. Be sure to plan around holidays. Talk to your home mover about the most affordable time to schedule.


Start Packing


8 weeks before move day

This is the best time to get started on any packing you're doing yourself. Keep your moving checklist with you—it may be your best friend.


Moving Day

Moving day

Use door, floor and wall protection to guard against scratches and dings in both your old and new home. Take extra precautions if you're moving large items up and down stairs, moving to a loft apartment or moving in the rain. Double check the mover's inventory of your belongings.


Plan Ahead, Stay Safe and Take Deep Breaths!


Moving doesn't have to be overwhelming. With the right planning, packing and moving tips, it might even be fun.

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