When is the Best Time to Relocate to Jacksonville, FL?

Thinking about moving to Jacksonville? There are plenty of reasons why moving to this city makes good sense. There’s lots of sunshine and beaches, and it’s a hot job market—with relatively low costs of living. It’s conveniently located with plenty of great neighborhoods, schools are excellent, and you can choose from many amazing restaurants, parks, and forms of entertainment.

Having said that, when is the best time to move to Jacksonville? Luckily, there really isn’t a bad time – it’s more about figuring out the best time for you and your family.

#1 Weather

As already noted, Jacksonville residents enjoy plenty of sunshine. July tends to be the hottest month with average highs and lows of 92° / 75°. January is typically the coolest with averages of 66° / 46°. (As you can see, those temps make snow unlikely, so you don’t have to factor that into your relocation timetable.)

If you want to avoid the warmest of weather while also staying away from rain, move sometime between March and June. Pick what’s ideal for you and contact the movers at least four to six weeks ahead of time if you have a very specific date that’s best.

If you love summer weather, that will get you settled into the city in time to benefit from the sunshine and climate. Plenty of concerts and other special events are already planned for the upcoming summer.

This includes the 4th of July celebration, one that Jacksonville residents embrace with style. Bars and pubs often open their rooftop seating so you can enjoy breathtaking views while keeping cool with the beverage of your choice. Plenty of restaurants will have mouthwatering items on their menus—and there are multiple locations for the fireworks shows themselves, which typically take place in Downtown Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beaches and St. Augustine.

Hurricane season is a factor in Jacksonville, which begins in June and runs until December 1, with the most active months typically being October and November. If you’re moving during these months, just make sure to keep an eye on the weather, in case that becomes a factor.

#2 When School is Out

If part of your reason for moving to Jacksonville is the quality of the schools, you may decide not to disrupt the bulk of the academic year. In that case, you may decide to move during your  breaks from schools and get children settled into their new home before the next academic year starts. This can include spring break if you don’t mind their finishing up the year in a new school (with a tight timeline, book as early as you can) or summer break.

Jacksonville is also home to numerous institutions of higher learning, including Jacksonville University. If someone in your household will be studying there, you’ll probably take their scheduling into account, and your entire family can enjoy many of the university events: sports, theater, and more.

With just a bit of planning, you can take advantage of the time period when the current school year wraps up, a time that works with weather considerations.

#3 In Non-Peak Moving Season

You may want to take advantage of non-peak moving times to give you more flexibility in your move date. Most moves in the United States happen between April and September with June, July, and August serving as the busiest. This means that October through March can be called the “off-season” for relocating although people definitely move during that time frame –  just not as often.

Overall, weekends tend to get filled up more quickly on a moving company’s calendar than weekdays; mornings often fill up more quickly than afternoons. Plus, it’s human nature to want to wrap up initiatives at the end of a month and start new ones at the beginning of a month. That probably explains why the very end of a month and the very beginning of one often fill up faster with moving companies.

Keeping these factors in mind, you can pick the best intersection of them to decide the best time to relocate.

#4 Dream House is on the Market

If you’ve found your ideal home—whether because it’s uniquely beautiful with special, hard to find features; or because it’s ideally located near where you can work; or because it’s especially affordable—you need to act quickly. You don’t want to be disappointed when someone else gets the home first.

In many cases, you’ll need to sell your home in your current location first and move to your new investment. In those situations, the timing of the real estate transactions will often dictate the timing of your move with the best time being when you can most seamlessly make the transition.

#5 To Meet Your Specific Goals

Perhaps you have a different reason for moving to Jacksonville than what we’ve covered. Maybe you’ve been offered a new job or a promotion (congrats!). In that case, you’ll follow the timetable of your purpose for the move and will want to schedule with movers in Jacksonville, FL to get you where you need to go on time.

Like all decisions of significance, there are often multiple factors that go into that decision. You may, for example, be offered a job in Jacksonville and, upon investigation, discover the community has wonderful schools—and that clinches your decision and causes you to seal the work-related deal. That’s normal.

So, when moving to Jacksonville, consider your situation and goals, and then contact the best movers in Jacksonville, FL to get relocated.

Choosing Among Moving Companies in Jacksonville, FL

You may know exactly when you want and need to move. Or you may know that relocation to Jacksonville will occur soon, but you don’t know exactly when. In the first case, it’s time to pick the best movers. In the second situation, you’ll want to proactively look at moving companies in Jacksonville, FL to decide what is best for you. Then, when you know more specifics, you just need to book your actual date.

When choosing among moving companies, here are factors to consider:

  • Experience: Sad but true, there really are fly by night moving companies. They may take your deposit money and not show up. They may drop your belongings off at a storage unit and disappear. They may deliver your household goods: broken, dented, and so forth. Suddath, meanwhile, has more than a century of experience moving families in Jacksonville, and is time tested and trustworthy.
  • Credentials: If your mover in Jacksonville, FL won’t share theirs, that’s a big red flag. For moves between states, they should have a Department of Transportation license number, a number that must be available on their websites (does a mover on your list even HAVE a website?) and in advertising. The mover must also have a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration carrier number. Suddath is fully credentialed and transparent about it. Our moving teams are thoroughly background checked and vetted.
  • Quotes: A quality mover will provide you with written estimates and answer your questions. That’s how we operate at Suddath, clearly and with full transparency.

Online reviews make it easy to check out moving companies. Our local Google Reviews average 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Kind of Movers in Jacksonville, FL You’ll Need

First, consider where you’re moving from. If it’s within fifty miles, that’s considered a local move. You’ll probably already know the benefits of moving to this city. If you’ve got a new job in Jacksonville, maybe you’re already commuting and want to shorten your drive and live closer to your place of employment. When you need local movers in Jacksonville, FL, please contact us for a quote.

If you’re living in the United States (further away than fifty miles), then this is considered a long-distance move. It may be intrastate (in this case, you live in Florida currently) or interstate (from another state in the country). If you’ll be making a long distance move, we’re the best movers in Jacksonville, FL; contact us.

Or perhaps you’re relocating to Jacksonville from another country: planning an international move. If so, know that we’re a time-tested mover both domestically and internationally. To get started, please contact us for a quote.

Choose Suddath: Best Movers in Jacksonville, FL

Our highly experienced team handles 80,000 residential moves each year, and we’d be honored to do yours. You can count on our  Bold City Best “Best Moving Company” award-winning team to make your experience as seamless and stress-free as possible. We put you, the customer, at the center of the experience, as we offer just the moving services you need. We can provide you with a full move, including packing, loading, unloading, and more (plus storage services if you need them). Or you can pick from our menu of services to provide yourself with the customized move that you want and need.

This is true if you need local movers in Jacksonville, FL or you’ll make a long-distance or international relocation. As the five-time winner of the Bold City Best Award, we’ll provide you with quality service, taking care of the details through people, processes, and technology.

To get started, contact us to get a moving quote whether you’ll need:

Book your date with us and start enjoying life in Jacksonville.