Researching Moving Companies? Ask About Packing

When most people are going through their research process to find the best mover, they tend to focus more on the move itself and less on packing for it. It’s important to find out the packing procedures of the moving company that you are considering to avoid delays and surprise fees. Here’s some tips on what to ask movers about packing. 

Consider supply costs

The labor isn’t the only part of the packing process you need to consider. You have to take into account the cost of packing supplies, too. Packing supplies may include bubble wrap, boxes or any items you need to safely move your possessions. These items may be priced differently, so make sure you discuss packing supply rates. A reputable moving company will explain whether or not packing supplies are included in the move. If this information isn’t clear, don’t hesitate to ask.

Verify your moving quotes

Make sure your moving quotes include the price and details of packing, especially a breakdown of what the packing service includes. Keep in mind that not all items can be packed or should be packed, such as perishable or flammable items. Make sure you discuss this with your mover in advance. If you need your movers to help you organize your move in a specific way, such as using color coding or taking pictures of each box, then it’s important to inquire about packing procedures when getting moving quotes. Some professional moving companies will offer virtual video surveys/walkthroughs, which can be more convenient and still outline the details of your moving quote and clarify the extent of packing services you can expect.

Think about who is moving your items

It’s also important to consider who will actually be moving your possessions. Not all moving companies use their own staff to pack your items. Your movers may be coordinating the packing process and use subcontractors to carry out the task. It’s a common process, but it doesn’t mean that every moving company vets their subcontractors the same way. Make sure you ask the moving company whether they outsource the packing. Also, verify how they select their subcontractors and ensure everyone is properly licensed. A reputable mover will be transparent and provide these details so you’re clear on what to expect the day of your move.

Consider insurance

Keep in mind that accidents happen even during the packing process. It’s important to make sure your items are insured just in case they’re damaged when being packed for your move. While some rental or home insurance policies may cover your items while they are being packed away in your home, it doesn’t mean they will cover it once they are leaving the premises or if your items get lost or stolen. Check with the moving company to determine what is covered and what is not covered when it comes to the packing process. Work with reputable companies that are properly licensed and insured to do the move. It will be worth the peace of mind that your items are covered should they incur damage during your move.

Final thoughts

Before you commit to any moving company to pack your items, do your research and learn about their packing process. Start your research early so you can have time to compare quotes and plan out everything you need for your move. By doing this simple but vital step, you can ensure your possessions will be organized and packed in a safe manner for peace of mind.

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