8 Apps for Professional Van Operators

Van operators for long distance moving companies and other transportation providers have an increasing number of trucker apps available to help them on the road. Below are just a few, highly-rated Android and iPhone apps for truckers, van operators, long distance movers and other professional drivers.

1. My DAT Trucker

A popular and widely-reviewed driver app, My DAT Trucker lets you search for amenities near your current location, including truck stops, scales, diesel prices and stores whose parking lots are open 24/7. Available for iPhone and Android, it lets truckers see 25 nearby loads from the DAT Load Monitor Network.

2. GasBuddy

GasBuddy is helpful to anyone, whether a driver for long distance moving companies, car services or trucking companies, who hopes to save on gas or just find a local fuel stop. GasBuddy lets you search for gas stations either by city or near your current location and displays prices for comparison. The app is available for Android and iPhone.

3. Blue Beacon Truck Washes

Available for both Android and iPhone, this well-rated app finds the nearest Blue Beacon truck wash down to the tenth of a mile.

4. TruckSmart

Yet another highly-rated Android and iPhone app, TruckSmart by Travelcenters of America, identifies nearby trucker-friendly TravelCenters and Petro Centers offering restaurants, maintenance services, Wi-Fi hotspots and other amenities for long distance movers, van operators and truckers.

5. Truck Stops Pro

Designed for long-haul truckers, this Android and iPhone app shows multiple stops and stations and can even provide directions. Tap to see the address, phone number, restaurants or amenities for a particular location.

6. CoPilot Truck USA & CAN

This easy-to-use Android app works as a GPS system that responds to voice-guided directions. GPS navigation is truck-specific and loaded with PC Miler routing, which is popular with drivers of any type, including long distance moving companies.

7. Recap

This log book app was designed by a professional van operator, so it keeps the needs of long distance movers and other drivers top of mind. Recap calculates your total hours on duty and available hours. Recap is widely used and well-reviewed among Android apps.

8. BestRoute Pro

This Android app is designed for drivers making multiple stops. BestRoute Pro shows the shortest total route that hits all stops, and provides navigation. Free and paid versions are available. The paid version receives high ratings in Google Play.

Many apps are free or low cost, and worth trying out. Driving apps could fast become one of your essential driving tools.

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