Planning your Home Move

With all the steps that make up a move, it can be easy to get lost in the details. Using our expertise from performing 50,000 household goods moves each year, we help you understand packing services, your budget and help you plan the best moving date. Each person who moves with Suddath® has a single point of contact to help them feel confident in taking all the right steps during a move, and not forgetting a single detail.

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Begin with a personalized quote

It all starts with an accurate (and free) moving quote. Using that process, we can develop a personalized home moving plan for you. Your move coordinator will do a focused walkthrough of your home, getting details like how many rooms in your home, the size of your belongings and if any of them are particularly large or delicate.

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Let us be your guide

Suddath takes home moving personally, that’s why we help you at each step with a customized home moving plan based on your needs. With your move coordinator’s assistance, you will choose an optimal moving date, get guidance on any packing issues, give you moving tips and moving checklists and provide you with supplies for packing. We live and breathe home moving, so we’re happy to use our expertise to make your move easier.

Let’s get moving

There’s a time for everything, and the time to start your move is about eight weeks beforehand. Don’t panic if you’re past that timeline, but contact us or request a home moving quote today to get started as soon as possible.

Moving Tips 

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Moving Checklist

Start eight weeks ahead Downsize your belongings Pack in phases, by frequency of use Set aside important documents 

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