FAQs for Government PCS Moves

We want to make the move process as stress-free as possible for government employees. Some of the stress comes from not knowing what to expect or how to properly plan for your move. The below Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will help guide you and your family so you can be as prepared as possible for your domestic or international relocation. If you have further questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

How do I complete the customs documents (Declaration for Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles)?

Part I: Box numbers (1-6) must be completed
• BOX 1 – Full name (as it appears on passport)
• BOX 2 – Date of birth
• BOX 3 – Date of arrival in the United States (U.S. Custom Form 3299 not
valid until you arrive in U.S.)
• BOX 4 – Address and telephone number in the U.S. (If arrangements have not been made, leave blank; no P.O. Box numbers)
• BOX 5 – This is the city you fly in to
• BOX 6 – Fill in your personal flight information (ex: American Airlines Flight 83)

Part II: Box numbers (9 a-c) must be completed
• BOX 9 – On the top line, place an “X” in “Was”
• BOX A – Country you left
• BOX B – Length of time in country
• BOX C – Residency Status Upon My/ Our Arrival

Part VI: Box numbers (1B-3) must be completed
• Mark “X” next to B for “Importer”
• Your Signature
• Date that the form was signed

*Note: If the section of the form you are completing is not mentioned on this instructions sheet then it does not need to be filled out.

How do I complete the customs documents for my automobile?

You will need to complete the following information:
1st page (HS-7):
• Make of vehicle, Model, Year, Vin#
• Check box 2A
• Please make sure to sign and date the bottom of the HS-7 Form
• Any blanks left, will be filled out by your US Customs broker
2nd page (EPA):
• Following boxes need to be filled out: 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 12, 13
• In US Confirming section, please check box Code B

How do I complete the Limited Power of Attorney Form?

Date you signed the POA form applies to:
• Initial next to “POV” if you have an AUTO shipment
• Initial next to “Personal Effects” if you have a UAB, HHE, LAY, CNS or STG shipment

If you have an AUTO shipment complete the “Year, Make, Model, Color, Body, VIN, and Title Number” section.
• “Signature of Owner”: Sign your name
• “Owners Name-Type or Print”: Print or type your name
• “Signature of Co-Owner”: Co-Owner sign if applicable
• “Co-Owner Name-Type or Print”: Co-Owner print or type name if applicable

Why do I need to complete the Limited Power of Attorney Form?

This form gives the customs broker the authority to clear your unaccompanied baggage items and household goods through U.S. Customs without your presence.

How do I complete the Supplemental Declaration Form?

These sections must be completed:
• Sections: 1 – 4
• Sections: 7 – 14
• Section: 17: Circle Importer
• Section 18: Signature

Where can I file a claim?

To file a claim, please visit You will need your Government Bill of Lading (GBL) and SCAC code. SCAC code is SDHR.

What is a layette (LAY) shipment?

A layette shipment is a separate airfreight allowance not to exceed 250 pounds gross weight for a newborn child or an adopted child of less than 5 years of age who is an eligible family member.

Some examples include:
• Baby Clothing
• Baby Blankets
• Baby Furnishings / Accessories
• Baby Chair
• Baby Crib
• Car Seat
• Playpen
• Formula
• Baby Food
• Diapers

It is important to note that any items that are not specifically related to the care of an infant may not be included in the layette shipment. Food with the exception of milk, formula, and commercial baby food may not be shipped under this allowance. No adult size furniture items such as rocking chairs, beds, etc. may be shipped. These are NOT considered items for the direct care of the child.

How do I need to prepare my automobile (POV)?

POV must be clean and DRY (no wet vacuum): Interior & exterior must be clear and free from dirt, earth, trash and debris for clear inspection of the vehicle. Mold & mildew growth is a growing problem during transport.

You are responsible for ensuring the POV meets your receiving Country’s Automobile Specification Requirements

Prior to shipping, you should check with the manufacturer if there are any outstanding recalls on your vehicle. You can check the NHTSA’s website. Uncompleted POV recalls have caused several incidents on board vessels. All recalls must be completed prior to shipment. You will also need to:
• Drain tank to no more than ¼ of a tank of gas.
• Battery needs to be disconnected – the origin agent will do this.
• Remove all of your personal belonging from the vehicle.
• If you have a non-factory radio, the face plate needs to be removed.
• If your auto is diesel please let us know, we need to make sure it can be imported into the country you are moving to.
• Your license plate needs to be removed prior to shipping, it is your responsibility to see if the DMV needs it returned, or if your entering country needs the information.

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