TSP Certification of Health Protection Protocols (Apr 29 2020)

To our valued agents and partners,

USTRANSCOM released PP Advisory #20-0081, requiring all agents to present a completed TSP Certification of Heath Protection Protocols document to the customer BEFORE beginning any work in the residence, including but not limited to: pre-move survey, packing, loading, delivery, third-party services and claim repairs. DOD created the TSP Certification of Health Protection Protocols document for use on all DP3 shipments where there will be interaction with DOD customers. The purpose of the

form is to assure DOD customers that industry personnel working in their homes have been screened for illness in accordance with Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and equipped to follow basic health protection protocols. DOD representatives may review these forms during inspections.

This process needs to be implemented starting May 1. You can find the document here.

We appreciate your assistance in taking the necessary precautions to keep all parties safe. Please reach out to your business development representative with any questions.