Reminder: TSP Certification of Health (May 5 2020)

To our valued agents and partners,

As a reminder, USTRANSCOM released PP Advisory #20-0081, requiring all agents to present a completed TSP Certification of Health Protection Protocols document to the customer BEFORE beginning any work in the residence, including but not limited to: pre-move survey, packing, loading, delivery, third-party services and claim repairs.

Effective May 6, Suddath will now require all service providers to submit a copy of all TSP Certification of Health Protection Protocols Documents, signed by the customer, when submitting paperwork. 

DOD created the TSP Certification of Health Protection Protocols document for use on all DP3 shipments where there will be interaction with DOD customers. The purpose of the form is to assure DOD customers that industry personnel working in their homes have been screened for illness in accordance with Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and equipped to follow basic health protection protocols.

The TSP Certification of Health Protection Protocols document outlines the following requirements:

  • Crew members entering the residence have been screened—consistent with Centers for Disease Controls (CDC) guidelines—for COVID-19.
    • You can find the most up-to-date guidance here.
  • Crew members will adhere to all guidelines issued by U.S. Transportation Command. Specifically, the crew:
    • Is equipped with and will wear face coverings per CDC guidelines
    • Is equipped and prepared to clean surfaces touched in the customer’s residence (though they will seek permission before using any cleaning products on the customer’s property.) This includes wiping down highly touched services like doorknobs, handrails, light switches and counter tops.
    • Represents the smallest crew required to service the customer’s move, and will adhere to social distancing guidelines
    • Has been instructed and equipped to maintain good hand-hygiene.

A DOD representative will be contacting each customer during their relocation process to verify that service providers are following all safety protocols. DOD representatives will also be making more frequent inspections to review these documents and ensure all service providers are adhering to USTC’s guidelines. Subsequently, Transportation Offices have already started issuing Letters of Warning for failure to comply with these protocols.

Your safety is also our priority – We are screening the customers before scheduled services to ensure the safety of your crews. We appreciate your assistance in taking the necessary precautions to keep all parties safe. Please reach out to your business development representative if you are unable to meet these guidelines or have any questions.