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Serving LA's Residential and Commercial Moving Needs

The best moving companies in Los Angeles are those that can meet the individual needs of each customer with personalized options. Whether you're a Los Angeles resident who needs to move across town, or an enterprise that needs world-class logistics management, Suddath® can customize our services to you.

Since 1991, we've been building on our moving and storage expertise, developing a global reach that gets people, businesses and products where they need to go.

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Give us a call and we’ll help you determine the best option to get a free move estimate that fits your lifestyle and schedule.

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Residential Storage and Moving Services in Los Angeles

Our residential moving and storage services are designed to be flexible, so you can choose just the level of service you want. We can move you locally within the Los Angeles area, to a new state across the country, or to nearly any country in the world. Our local, long-distance and international moving teams are experienced in the best methods for packing and unpacking, have the industry's top-rated drivers, and will treat your belongings and your home with care. Contact us for a free, no-obligation moving quote.

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Los Angeles Global Employee Relocation Services

Los Angeles Global Employee Relocation Services

Most moving companies can take your employees from one location to another, but few Los Angeles movers have a corporate employee relocation program that can become a competitive advantage for your company. Our corporate relocation assistance helps you and your employees efficiently navigate every aspect of moving while supporting your strategic talent management goals. Whether your employees are moving locally or internationally, our fully compliant programs reduce employee downtime and mitigate risk, saving your organization both money and time.

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Los Angeles office mover working on space planning

Office and Commercial Moving for Los Angeles Companies

We bring our expertise in Los Angeles office relocation services, storage solutions and logistics to each client's project. The services our commercial moving company offers can save your organization time and money, with plans that meet your specific needs. Our comprehensive range of commercial moving and storage services are complemented by additional services, such as commercial office furniture, hospitality logistics, office space planning, data center moves and more. No matter how complex your commercial project may be, our business movers tailor solutions to your business goals.

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Los Angeles third party warehouse workers discussing hospitality project management

LA Global Logistics and Warehousing Services

As one of Los Angeles's preferred third-party logistics providers, Suddath has end-to-end solutions for your supply chain management needs. Our services include contract logistics, multi-modal transportation services, FF&E services for restaurants and retail, customized international logistics solutions and more. Our global logistics and warehousing experts become members of your team, ready to quickly respond to changes in your needs or your business while maintaining your supply chain's stability.

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Darren Cook

Vice President & General Manager 

Darren Cook is the Vice President and General Manager of The Suddath Companies operations in Southern California, serving LA, San Diego and everywhere in between.

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Los Angeles Moving FAQ's by Darren Cook

1. Do I need valuation coverage for my move?

It can be relative to what you’re shipping. A lot of people think that their homeowner’s coverage covers their household goods during a move, but more often than not, it doesn’t. You need to ask the question of your Los Angeles homeowner’s insurance company, but I always tell people it's better to have it just in case.

The key to valuation is selecting the right amount of coverage. Again, use your homeowner’s policy as a guideline. If you know if your homeowner’s insurance is for $80,000, use that number as a guiding point, or else base it on the weight and value of what you’re moving.

Keep in mind that there is a basic coverage already included with your move with Suddath, which works out to be 60 cents per pound, but it all depends are how you value your goods and what the level of risk is for what you’re shipping.

2. Can Suddath move my car?

Yes, we can. We can move it locally, interstate and internationally. We offer either enclosed carriers or open carriers for your vehicle. Prices vary obviously, depending on the type of carrier you choose. 

3. Can I choose any day to load my belongings?

Yes, but I would discuss it with your move coordinator. Especially when you're talking about an interstate move, pricing can vary depending on the load so sometimes you may be able to get a lower price on a different day. It's also always subject to availability so while we may have the availability to load two days from now, it will most likely be more costly. It's kind of like buying a plane ticket – we’re a capacity-based industry, so being flexible and booking early can be a money saver.

As for the delivery of your items, you are more likely to have a delivery spread. There are Department of Transportation restrictions that prohibit us from traveling a certain way. We have time constraints and mileage constraints, so if you want to load in L.A. today and deliver in Florida two days from now, it's not going to happen because we have to be able to abide by all the laws. Getting a specific day can be done, but it has to work within a DOT-compliant plan, and again, it may come at a higher cost. 

4. How can I prepare for my move in Los Angeles?

The first thing I always tell people is that moves are based on weight, so identify everything that you do not need ahead of time, or things that can be easily replaced on the other end. So the purging and organizing is the most important thing.

Things like canned food, magazines, boxes upon boxes of papers and files can be replaced, recycled and digitized, respectively, instead of paying unnecessarily to bring them with you.

There's so many things like that that you can do, and Suddath offers moving checklist that details what you should be doing or thinking about each week leading up to your move.

5. What is a common issue for moving in Los Angeles and how do you deal with it?

Obviously, traffic is a big one. It's a huge area that we cover, and traffic can often times throw off schedules. We try to give pretty wide arrival time spreads to avoid that issue.

There are also a lot of access issues in L.A., especially when you get into downtown or some of the smaller communities on the beach like Hermosa Beach or Venice Beach. We deal with that by noting the need for shuttles, or smaller trucks, and parking permits in our initial walkthrough. 

6. What if you break something? How do I submit a claim?

You want to advise your Los Angeles move coordinator right away. Let them know, but also document it by taking pictures of it at the time you discover it. You have plenty of time to file a claim, so document as you unpack.

7. I’m looking to move internationally. How can Suddath help?

We are very well-versed and experienced in international moves in L.A. We have our own international department that has very strong partnerships and relationships all over the world, tons of partner agents and we have the ability to move anybody anywhere they need to go.

8. What do you do to ensure my items and property are safe and secure during the moving process?

First of all, we have highly trained crews, and we follow all DOT requirements with random drug testing, background checks and motor vehicle records. Then there's a FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) team called CSA, which stands for “comprehensive safety analysis,” and we will only hire drivers of a certain caliber within that safety analysis. We also track and factor in quality scores, so if the driver falls below a certain level of quality, we won't use them anymore.

Our Los Angeles movers use all the proper equipment for physically moving your items and protecting them, including pad wrapping furniture, standardized packing materials and boxes, custom wood crating and we do regular inspections on our trucks and equipment.

When your items are at our warehouse, we have a gated yard, a secure facility with cameras and a security system. Everything is documented and tracked electronically so that we know where everything is at all times.

9. What differentiates Suddath from its competitors in Los Angeles?

There are certainly a lot of competitors in L.A., but many of them work more in a niche. For example, you’ll have either just a local moving company, or just a commercial moving company, whereas Suddath in Los Angeles can professionally service all those needs. We do local moving, we do interstate moving, we have international experience, the ability to handle our own international in house. We also do a large amount of commercial moving and also provide global logistics services to support your supply chain.

What that boils down to is that we’re good at moving. Whatever it is, we can move it, and move it better than the other guy because of our century of experience.

We also have, I believe, one of the biggest warehouses and the ability to store more than any other competitor in the market. We're in a great location. We can cover both L.A. and Orange Counties very easily, but we also go out to Riverside county, down to San Diego and out to Bakersfield where some movers won't. 

10. Can my possessions be temporarily stored with Suddath?

Yes. You can store your items with us short term, or for long term. For interstate moves, short-term storage caps at 180 days, which is something you should keep in mind. In either case, your items are stored in a fully-enclosed, secured vault within our warehouse, carefully padded, labelled and tracked electronically.

For commercial storage, there are always companies that just need a chunk of warehouse space for a short period of time. So, if you’re someone who needs 10,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space for six months, we can provide that flex space. Or we can provide a long-term solution where we can provide overflow area of 10,000 square feet for an entire five years. We take care of it all. 

11. Do you offer any discard and donation programs?

Yes, we do. We have partners in L.A., like Move For Hunger, that help us donate our customers unwanted non-perishable food to people in need. We also can provide you with e-waste, shredding and other recycling services.

12. Why would I use Suddath for Global Logistics?

By using Suddath for your global logistics needs, you get all the experience and resources you need in one place. We have proprietary technology that's greater than what the rest of the industry can offer, giving you full transparency to your inventory through our Tier-1 warehouse management systems. We also utilize the LEAN Six Sigma processes to great effect. 

13. What commercial moving services do you offer?

Suddath is adept in FF&E projects, hospitality, third-party logistics, MAC projects … we really offer every commercial service. We operate in offices of Fortune 500 companies with corporate campuses down to small offices, healthcare and medical buildings

To back up those offerings, we have experienced project managers, storage, inventory and asset management, furniture installation and space planning, worldwide shipping and white-glove services. Not only can we provide you with all of the new furniture you’ll need, but we have ways to decommission your old furniture in an eco-friendly way so as little as possible ends up in a landfill. We take care of it all.

Essentially, working with Suddath is a one-stop-shop. Each project is unique, and we are equipped with the staff, equipment and services to handle all of your needs. 

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