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I recently moved from Florida to Illinois. The sales rep [employee] gave me 2 options: a move on a trailer with other people stuff and a 6 day delivery window, or a container move with a 2 day delivery window, which he said could be more expensive, it was only $200 more. So I went with the container move because I wanted a 2 day delivery and the knowledge that once my things were picked up they wouldn't be unloaded and loaded. My belongings we not picked up in a container, nor delivered in a container, so how do I know they were ever in a container. Delivery has 4.5 hours late, had I been late I would have been charged. My move coordinator, [employee], was not available on both my pickup and delivery date. I wasn't notified they would be late until the very end of the delivery window. And the crew that delivered took 4+ hours to unload a one bedroom apt! They spent the first hour unloading someone else's stuff on to my sidewalk. After the move, I called [employee] to let her know about everything and requested a refund of at least $200, or up to $1000 based on some of the things that went wrong, all I got back was an email saying no and I haven't heard from anyone since.