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[Employee] and [Employee] are great. No complaints with them. They were not set up properly. They talked about being short on boxes. I only wonder if they cut corners to make everything fit. I will see when i unpack. I think another packer would have helped also. I am writing this at 7 pm and they arrived at 9am. I can only imagine if my wife and 3 month old were with me as originally planned.

We were notified on a Friday by the driver that he would deliver our items the following Tuesday. We had already booked our hotel stay through the remainder of our "spread", so, we cancelled our hotel nights from Tuesday night through the remainder of our spread (6 more days). Hearing nothing more from the Driver, I called him on Tuesday to ask for an update. He stated he wasn't able to fit our items on the truck, after all, and had no information about when our items might be coming. After talking to our coordinator, [employee], she admitted to the miscommunication and profusely apologized. I explained that we had already cancelled our remaining hotel nights, but we had our apartment, so would Suddath be willing to reimburse us if we went to the store and purchased some inexpensive items (such as two camping chairs, etc) to make it through until our items arrived. She said, "Yes, that shouldn't be a problem at all." Our items arived 5 days later. Come to find out a month later that our request for reimbursement was denied. Will be appealing. They admitted fault. Hoping they take responsibility for their miscommunication and reimburse us. Otherwise, will not be using Suddath again.

I recently moved from Florida to Illinois. The sales rep [employee] gave me 2 options: a move on a trailer with other people stuff and a 6 day delivery window, or a container move with a 2 day delivery window, which he said could be more expensive, it was only $200 more. So I went with the container move because I wanted a 2 day delivery and the knowledge that once my things were picked up they wouldn't be unloaded and loaded. My belongings we not picked up in a container, nor delivered in a container, so how do I know they were ever in a container. Delivery has 4.5 hours late, had I been late I would have been charged. My move coordinator, [employee], was not available on both my pickup and delivery date. I wasn't notified they would be late until the very end of the delivery window. And the crew that delivered took 4+ hours to unload a one bedroom apt! They spent the first hour unloading someone else's stuff on to my sidewalk. After the move, I called [employee] to let her know about everything and requested a refund of at least $200, or up to $1000 based on some of the things that went wrong, all I got back was an email saying no and I haven't heard from anyone since.