The Benefits and Security of Navex Global

Ensuring All of Your Moving Partners Are Vetted and Compliant

The safe and efficient transport of individuals’ and families’ personal belongings involves multiple people, processes, and partners – and certain elements of risk, too. Cross-border moves can be even more complex, potentially requiring origin and destination agents, packers and unpackers, drivers, shipping or airline company personnel and customs brokers.

Now, the risks are even higher as businesses navigate the health, safety, economic and geopolitical challenges and uncertainties of a global pandemic. How do you know if your corporate moving partners – and everyone they work with – are financially sound, ethical, safe and fully compliant?

The first step is to partner with companies who undergo extensive and rigorous internal background checks, and invest in professional training and support for their teams.  At Suddath, we take our internal processes to the next level, through our relationship with Navex Global®and the use of their RiskRate® management tool. Their software and solutions provide an added layer of security, and the assurances that all external parties we work with can be trusted to deliver the same high standards of integrity, service and care.

The primary benefits of the Navex Global® platform to customers include:

  • Conformity with all domestic and global laws, regulations, and governing agencies: Navex is a leading third-party integrated risk and compliance management provider.  When you partner with a company using their services, you have the assurance that every single supplier across the complex transportation and moving service network is vetted, and fully conforms to the requirements of such regulations as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the UK Bribery Act and with the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), to name a few. 
  • Powerful global insights for immediate responses: Navex monitors and reports on data across 60 different risk categories from more than 200,000 sources. If an incident arises that has the potential to impact your employee’s move – Navex’s multi-channel reporting system ensures team members know about and can manage it right away.
  • A 24/7 compliance helpline: A total commitment to compliance is also enhanced by a confidential Navex Global® phone- and web-based helpline, empowering employees, suppliers and customers to report any concerns regarding fraud, abuse, waste or other misconduct in the workplace.

In an increasingly complex travel landscape, and with a multitude of parties involved in the in-country and global moving processes – it can feel like many things are beyond your control.  The last thing you want is to get that call that your new executive team leader’s shipment is impounded or delayed in the new location because one of your supply chain partners ran into trouble along the way.

Whether your corporate moving program is strictly domestic, global, or a combination of the two – put the power of rigorous vetting, training and integrated risk and compliance management to work for you – and take one of those worries off your plate. Would you like to know more about our corporate moving services?  Contact us to speak to an expert.