• U.S. mainland to Naval Station
  • Guantanamo Bay (Cuba), with ongoing services in Germany, U.K., Italy, Japan and South Korea


  • Group move
  • Auto shipment
  • Move management services
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Experienced moving professionals help 60 individuals and family members quickly transition, minimizing operational disruption and downtime


An existing international moving client recommended Suddath’s services to a contractor providing IT, cybersecurity and translation services for the U.S. government. The company had secured a long-term contract to deliver IT services at the Naval Station Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. The contractor had no prior relocation experience within Cuba, and needed to move 20 individuals, including families and autos off the base within 30 days. In addition, 40 new positions had to be filled as quickly as possible, requiring additional support. Each assignee was allowed a personally owned vehicle (POV) and household goods shipment.


  • Client had no familiarity with moving services to and from Guantanamo Bay in Cuba
  • The moving quotes received from other vendors were extremely high and the advice they had received was very confusing
  • The client’s project manager was under immense pressure to move the assignees within 30 days and staff new positions quickly


Prior to working with Suddath, the company was inexperienced in moving services and personnel in and out of the Naval Station Guantanamo Bay and had a very short timeframe to complete the project. Partnering with Suddath allowed the client to better understand the complexities of this unique moving process. In addition, we were able to save the client time and money because we fully understood the government’s process and how to prepare all the necessary documents required to successfully navigate the group move quickly and avoid the risk of any delays.


  • Successfully moved all personnel off the island within the required 30 days
  • Increased employee productivity by quickly moving in all newly hired personnel and their families
  • Ensured positive feedback from personnel, minimal disruption to workflows as assignees transitioned into and out from the base.
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