5 Fun Facts About Truckers

Whether they belong to commercial moving companies or relocation service providers, trucks fill our roads. In fact, they move more goods around the country than any other type of transportation. Here are five fun facts you may not have known about the men and women behind the wheel.

1. In the U.S., we drive a lot of trucks.

If you stacked the 15-million+ commercial moving (and other types of trucks) in the U.S. end to end, they’d reach the moon. These vehicles are piloted by more than three million truck drivers, who drive an average of 105,000 miles per year.

2. Trucking makes you famous.

Rock Hudson worked as a truck driver after World War II and before becoming an actor. Sean Connery worked as a truck driver early in his career, following in the footsteps of his father. Liam Neeson drove for Guinness, Chevy Chase drove a truck before joining “Saturday Night Live” and Elvis Presley drove a truck after graduating from high school.

3. Truckers are pet lovers.

While 45% of households have pets, more than 60% of commercial moving and other truckers have animal companions. Of those, 40% travel with them, giving pets valued time with their owners, and giving drivers some companionship, protection and a way to break the ice at new stops.

Many truckers are also involved in rescue operations, such as Operation Roger and Kindred Hearts Transport Connection. These organizations focus on transporting rescue pets to new adoptive homes.

4. Couples drive together.

Many couples have careers, or even second careers, working together as over-the-road truckers, relieving some of the loneliness of going it alone. Together they can earn more by driving more miles for relocation service providers or other companies.

5. Truckers have a creative side.

Truckers see a lot of the country. Photography allows them to capture unusual, beautiful and interesting sights that pop up along the road and share them with the world.

Needlecraft is also becoming popular. It doesn’t require much space, and many truck stops now carry supplies. Some drivers even do charity work sewing for the homeless and disabled.

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