4 Employee Relocation Services you Should Consider Outsourcing

Tireless HR managers often become the custodians of every employee-related task, even those that fall outside their comfort zones. When it comes to packing, dealing with international customs and other paperwork, freight forwarding, and finding storage options for employee relocation, these tasks might best be handled by professional moving companies or relocation service providers.

1. Outsource packing to a relocation service provider

Hiring experts to pack up employees’ homes can be cheaper and less painful in the short (and long) term than leaving it to employees themselves, and then trying to manage the task from afar. Relocation service providers will know countless ways to minimize boxes, maximize space within containers, and pack belongings to comply with shipping regulations. Skilled packing also avoids costly expenses from damage.  

2. Outsource handling of international customs and paperwork

Relocation service providers or moving companies who specialize in overseas moves can take countless hours of paperwork off the hands of beleaguered HR managers. The time it takes to master even half of the regulations is better spent managing the numerous HR tasks required of an international organization.  

3. Let moving companies handle freight forwarding of employee belongings

Freight forwarding is a complex term for shipping, which is a complex process. Freight forwarding goes beyond simply moving items on a ship or boat. Full service moving companies who handle employee relocation should be able to manage your shipping needs completely, whether domestically or overseas. The ins and outs of freight forwarding are something most procurement and HR managers would hope to be immune from.

4. Consider storage options

Depending on circumstances, employees may not need all of their belongings shipped. These could include temporary placements or situations where employees need more time to sort through their belongings and decide which to keep or sell.  

The goal: shifting HR focus to the core business

The less time companies spend struggling with bureaucratic and tactical details, the more they spend providing personal attention to recruit and retain highly-skilled workers. From an HR manager’s standpoint, full-service packing not only saves money and headaches, it’s a great perk to offer employees, especially when recruiting talented leaders who are used to moving for work. Ultimately, by shortening the onboarding process, outsourcing employee relocation tasks lets talented recruits start adding value to the organization faster.

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