4 Effects of the "Megavessel" Trend on Freight Services

“Images of massive boats lined with colorful shipping containers are a common metaphor for global commerce. These large cargo ships or “megavessels” have potential to affect a variety of international moving and freight services needs across the transportation industry.

1. Accommodating more freight

The positive impact of larger vessels has a circular effect. The demand for freight services is on the rise, which in turn boosts demand for larger and more fuel-efficient megavessels. Fuel efficiency and increased capacity drive costs down, further increasing the demand for freight services that megavessels are again perfectly positioned to accommodate.

2. Increasing traffic

The demand for fossil fuels around the globe has continued to grow, but getting those fuels to their destinations has created more traffic in ports and waterways. Ports worldwide work continuously to relieve the increased traffic.

3. Deepening ports

As megavessels become the norm, ports are faced with the decision to deepen or maintain their current waterways as they are. Many ports are planning to dredge waterways to handle larger vessels and take on more containerized cargo; the port in Jacksonville, Florida is one example. These examples happen ahead of the Panama Canal expansion, a project designed to handle megavessel traffic and the increased need for freight services.

4. Fueling job creation

Larger ships and the increased loads they can handle create new jobs. It’s not uncommon for more than 100 dockworkers to unload and load one of these megavessels, handling everything from crane operation to paperwork. Engineering and construction jobs related to port optimization for megavessels are also on the rise. 

Back to that familiar image of giant cargo ships: the reality is, shipping containers hold personal household goods along with products on the move. We equate freight services with the shipping of business goods, but personal international moving almost always requires overseas transport. The effect of megavessels on the household international moving business is yet another example of how pervasive their influence has become across all industries touched by transportation.