Our Sustainability Commitment

Suddath® is firmly committed to sustainable business practices to protect our employees, customers, communities and the environment. We work to minimize our environmental impact throughout all business activities we undertake around the globe, whether it’s the landscapes we touch, the air we breathe or the waters we travel over. We strive to identify new ways to be energy efficient in our workplace and beyond, while delivering eco-friendly solutions to our customers. By recycling moving materials, implementing sustainability programs and focusing on more-efficient transportation processes and technologies, we not only help our customers save money but also help protect the environment and our future.

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woman placing tracking tag on moving crate

Making a Sustained Impact

As we continue to develop and refine our sustainability practices, we have driven several initiatives that have produced a positive impact:

  • Reduced energy consumption at our headquarters
  • Education of our employees about energy-saving and recycling practices
  • Introduction of an eco-friendly paperless system in our daily operations and for our customers
  • Use of sustainable packing materials
  • Recycling of moving materials and use of reusable containers and crates
  • Reduced diesel fuel consumption and less emissions

Optimizing Shipments

Less than truckload (LTL) practice is one of the major ways Suddath contributes to a more sustainable transportation industry. LTL combines smaller partial shipments into a single load, optimizing truck capacity to carry full loads with fewer trips. With fewer trucks on the road, we reduce both fuel consumption and emissions, while also saving money for our customers.

professional movers loading couch into moving truck
suddath moving truck transporting logistics freight on highway

California Air Resources Board (CARB) Requirements

Suddath complies with guidelines instituted by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), lessening the overall impact to air quality not just in California, but also nationally and worldwide. Measures include:

  • Low-rolling resistance tires, minimizing wasted energy
  • Side skirts to increase aerodynamics for fuel efficiency
  • Idling reductions requiring drivers to shut engines off while at rest
  • Use of alternative power sources, including battery packs, truck stop electrical hookups and smaller diesel-powered systems

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