While moving the world forward, it’s important not to forget about the landscapes we touch and the waters we travel over. Reimagining sustainability means always finding new ways to be energy efficient in our workplace and beyond, and delivering eco-friendly solutions to our customers. By recycling moving materials and focusing on faster and more efficient transportation, we not only help our customers save money but also invest in the future.

Embracing change to improve sustainability

In our effort to improve our sustainability practices, we have made some changes in our workplace and now offer sustainable transportation solutions to our customers. The impact is clear:

  • Reduced energy consumption at our headquarters
  • Educated our employees about energy-saving and recycling practices
  • Introduced an eco-friendly paperless system in our daily operations and for our customers
  • Supplied sustainable packing materials
  • We recycle moving materials and offer reusable containers and crates
  • Reduced diesel fuel usage and contaminants in the air

Less-than-truckload (LTL) practices and CARB compliance are two major ways Suddath® contributes to a more sustainable transportation industry.

LTL vs.
Full Truck Load

Reducing trips makes environmental and business sense

“Less than truckload” is a way of combining smaller partial shipments into a single load to reduce the number of trips. As a source of green transportation, LTL saves gas and cuts down on emissions while also saving money for our customers. This is a seemingly small change that sees big rewards.

California Air Resources Board (CARB) requirements

Complying with guidelines instituted by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) helps Suddath lessen the overall impact to air quality not just in California, but also nationally and worldwide. Measures include:

  • Low rolling resistance tires – minimize wasted energy
  • Side skirts – increase aerodynamics for fuel efficiency
  • Idling reductions – require drivers to shut engines off while sleeping or at rest
  • Alternate power sources – include battery packs, truck stop electrical hookups and smaller diesel-powered systems

Win now, win later

There’s a perfect alignment between cost savings and sustainable transportation practices. By recycling moving materials and finding far more efficient means of transportation, we can save our customers money while also moving toward a better future.
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