General Managers, The Suddath Companies

BB Flynn

BB Flynn Central Florida Vice President & General Manager

Vice President & General Manager

Central Florida

Bernard "BB" Flynn was attracted to Suddath because of the company’s family feel, heritage, diversified services and well-respected reputation in the industry. He appreciates the integrity of Suddath employees, the practice of rewarding excellence, and always following through on commitments. When it comes to what he admires most about the employees in his Central Florida branch locations, BB is moved by their dedication and teamwork. Their genuine compassion is evident and naturally spills into their interaction with, and work for, our customers. 

The locations that BB manages, which include Melbourne and Orlando, recently won the Suddath Branch of the Year Award in 2016 and 2017, and he is constantly in the hunt to achieve that same success again in the years to come. He is laser focused on safety and quality excellence – believing in doing things right or making it right, every time. Period.

Besides volunteering occasionally with the Hagerty High School baseball team, you can catch BB out for lunch on I-Drive, or at his local favorite eateries: Agave Azul and the Teak. 

Chris Perry

Chris Perry Atlanta, Georgia Vice President & General Manager

Vice President & General Manager

Atlanta, Georgia

Chris is the Vice President and General Manager of our Suddath operations in Atlanta, Georgia. He loves the breadth of offerings, global reach and overall adaptability of the company. Our organization has been around for almost 100 years, yet even for its size, we continue to drive innovation, are nimble, and can leverage experienced talent and long-standing relationships to accomplish any goal. With this kind of reputation, Chris can recruit and retain the industry’s best and brightest, providing customers with an experience they won’t find elsewhere. For his team, their primary goal is giving customers a quality experience. His seasoned staff can identify and overcome obstacles; being able to react quickly in challenging situations is what Chris and his team pride themselves on. 

Chris’s Atlanta team is close-knit. They care deeply about their work, each other and their community. There is a personal touch to the way they do business and how they support their community. At least once a month they serve or give back to those in need – helping animal shelters, donating dozens of blankets for children at a local shelter, and coaching little league teams just to name a few. 

Outside of work, Chris and his colleagues can be spotted at Arena Tavern enjoying sports and some downtime together.

Darren Cook

Darren Cook Los Angeles, California Vice President & General Manager 

Vice President & General Manager 

Los Angeles, California

Darren Cook is the Vice President and General Manager of The Suddath Companies operations in Southern California, serving LA, San Diego and everywhere in between. Originally from Castle Rock, WA, he loves the team-oriented and visionary culture at Suddath. They take pride in being early adopters for new ideas and industry advancements and like the Suddath culture of pushing new technology and smarter ways of doing business. While Darren prides himself in being forward-thinking, one of the things he loves most about the nearly 100-year-old Suddath business is its rich history and legacy. There is a long tradition of wise leadership, secure financial footing, service-oriented people and family feel of this still family-owned company. 

The unique size, footprint, skill and versatility of the Suddath network, he says, sets the company apart from all others. At his branch, they can offer clients the whole package and embrace any challenge – nothing is too big or too small for their attention. Most importantly, Darren values the tenure of longstanding positive relationships that exist with their clients, with other industry partners and with each other in the company. 

Dick Eschbacher

Dick Eschbacher Jacksonville, Florida President & General Manager

President & General Manager

Jacksonville, Florida

Richard “Dick” Eschbacher is President and General Manager for operations in the Northeast Florida region. A relocation industry veteran with decades of experience, Dick also comes from a long family tradition within the moving and relocation business. While an industry leader and one of the largest companies in our space, Suddath still retains a strong culture, close-knit family-feel, and is still family owned to this day. With this kind of a reputation and strength of brand, Suddath attracts and retains the top talent. Our healthy balance sheet allows the company to make significant investments in our people, resources and technology to continue to innovate and be forward-thinking. Recently, The Suddath Companies won “Best Place to Work” in the large company category for the Florida Times Union’s Bold City Best award. Dick’s Northeast Florida team are highly-skilled professionals, courteous, hard-working, invested in each other and proud to go above and beyond for their customers. Dick is a transformative business leader and ensures safety standards for employees and quality customer experiences at Suddath are the best. He also oversees our very own Suddath University, which educates and prepares our moving teams locally, and around the country to be industry leaders and top-tier talent.

Dick’s team is deeply invested in their communities, regularly volunteering their time, finances and resources to serve those around them. They volunteer on local civic boards, support 18 different local charitable organizations like Community Hospice, food banks, disaster relief efforts and many others.  In their spare time, when they aren’t out giving back, you can catch Dick and his team at Mimi’s Café or a local Chili’s enjoying some fun and friendship.

Jacob Moreno

Jacob Moreno San Jose, California Vice President & General Manager

Vice President & General Manager

San Jose, California

Jacob “Jake” Moreno is the Vice President and General Manager for The Suddath Companies in the Bay Area. Born in California, he’s been in the relocation industry his entire career and was attracted to Suddath because of the company’s reputation and family feel to the way they do business. There is an unparalleled camaraderie, willingness to help, reputation for being the industry’s best and a deep talent pool of respected professionals within our company. With this kind of reputation, he’s able to recruit the industry’s best and says his operation is second to none in the bay area. They strive for the customer experience to be flawless, while going the extra mile. Jake’s staff are seasoned, invested, dedicated and genuinely good people who take moving the world personally and want to do the right thing for those they serve. They are committed to the community in which they operate, regularly giving time, money or resources to those in need. Recently they organized a fill-a-truck food donation campaign during Giving Tuesday and provided trucks and resources to fire and natural disaster victims in Central and Northern California.

In Jake’s free time, when he’s not out golfing or fishing, you can catch him and his team out for lunch in Freemont enjoying a meal at the Hochow Chinese restaurant. 

JP Eschbacher

JP Eschbacher Tampa, Florida Vice President & General Manager

Vice President & General Manager

Tampa, Florida

JP is Vice President and General Manager for the Tampa-area operations. He’s a University of Central Florida graduate and, though having served decades in the relocation industry on his own, he comes from a longstanding family tradition within the industry. JP is known for his can-do attitude, always getting the job done and personal motto: “The answer is, ‘Yes,’ now what is the question?” He’s a leader driven by innovation; desiring to invigorate and revitalize the relocation industry with new ideas, technology and finding creative, efficient and cost-saving solutions for our customers. He appreciates the close-knit, caring, family owned culture at Suddath. He appreciates the personal way business is done and a dedication to do what is right every time. With that kind of reputation, JP attracts the best in the industry and can rely on the seasoned experience within his team. 

JP’s employees are deeply committed to their community. They regularly give time, finances and resources to area causes such as teaming with Move For Hunger to gather non-perishable food items that otherwise would be discarded by relocating families, and donating them to local food banks. Additionally, they work with Big Brothers and Big Sisters during the holidays to do an impressive Santa’s Workshop complete with food, gifts and full of fun. When JP isn’t working he and his family enjoy cheering on the NY Giants and Dallas Mavs.

Kirk Manahan

Kirk Manahan Seattle, Washington Vice President & General Manager

Vice President & General Manager

Seattle, Washington

Kirk Manahan has a distinguished 31-year career in the moving and storage industry, with an emphasis on commercial lines of business. Prior to joining Suddath in 2014, Kirk achieved decades of success across many executive roles with a large competitor. Over the course of his career, he climbed from an entry-level summer helper to hold leadership positions in operations, sales and general management, ultimately serving as a regional vice president with complete executive responsibility for the entire Pacific Northwest region. 
The Seattle operation has grown rapidly under Kirk’s guidance, and now represents one of the largest Suddath locations in a fast-growing market. As a Seattle resident, being the vice president and general manager of this location is a natural fit for Kirk. He enjoys the ability to focus his efforts on mentoring and building up the great team already in place and maximize opportunities to help customers and partners in the marketplace. He enjoys spending time home with his wife Lynnea and their three children.

Monty Miller

Monty Miller Charlotte, North Carolina Vice President & General Manager

Vice President & General Manager

Charlotte, North Carolina

Monty is Vice President and General Manager in Charlotte, North Carolina for The Suddath Companies. His caring demeanor lends a personal touch to his work, letting his customers know they will be well taken care of. Monty is one of the most experienced leaders in our organization, and he has the accolades to prove it, including winning the Suddath Branch of the Year Award in 2015. He’s known in our organization and industry for his integrity, winning spirit and doing the right thing no matter what the situation. What he loves most about Suddath is the caring culture and dedicated people. Whether it’s around the corner or across the globe, and whether it’s for businesses, military members or residential moves— Monty loves that Suddath can handle any job, large or small. He understands and appreciates his employees’ hard work and sacrifices, especially that of his drivers, to consistently deliver quality service day-in and day-out. His Charlotte team is dedicated, friendly, and operate as one unit, focusing on one goal: happy customers and clients. 

Deeply involved in the local community, his Charlotte team is involved with a myriad of local charities; such as creating and delivering Thanksgiving dinners to families in need, participating in crisis ministries, and even little league softball teams, just to name a few. 

If you want to catch Monty and his team around town, you can find them at every Carolina Panthers game. 

Nick Christian

Nick Christian Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Vice President & General Manager

Vice President & General Manager

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Nick is the Vice President and General Manager of South Florida operations for The Suddath Companies. Born in Texas to a service member in the U.S. Army, he’s familiar with relocation and has lived just about everywhere – from New York, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Florida, and several places overseas, to name a few. He too served in the U.S. armed forces at a young age, where he learned foundational leadership skills he believes make him a successful leader today.

After several years in the industry, Nick joined Suddath because of the company’s reputation, unmatched expertise, breadth and scope of service offerings, close-knit company culture, visionary forward-thinking and genuine customer care. Around the office, he is known for his authenticity, leadership, compassion and innovation. He is grateful to see the depth of knowledge, skills and experience in his South Florida workers and their can-do attitude to face any challenge. What he loves most, however, is the Suddath family culture – employees seem to go out of their way to put others first—especially customers.

Besides volunteering and fundraising for United Way, the Smiles Foundation and the local “Kids in Distress” program— you can find Nick and his employees outside of work at their favorite local Miami spot, La Esquina Del Lechon.

Richard Upchurch

Richard Upchurch Dallas, Texas Vice President & General Manager

Vice President & General Manager

Dallas, Texas

Richard Upchurch, born and raised in Euless, Texas, is Vice President and General Manager of The Suddath Companies in the DFW area and considers himself a thoroughbred Texan. He is an industry veteran with more than 21 years of experience in transportation, relocation, warehousing and logistics. His team refers to themselves as the “promise keepers,” because they strive to earn their customers’ trust, to fulfill commitments and do things right. He knows what makes Suddath stand out from the rest are the employees at every level within our company – from the move coordinators to the drivers, packers and claims specialist, each one contributes to the overall success of our customers’ experience. They take pride in their work and enjoy adding what they call their “special sauce”—going above and beyond—for their customers. Besides being highly skilled and driven people, there is a caring culture and a family feel to the way they do business. You might spot him and his team fellowshipping during lunch at Meet U Anywhere BBQ or Potbelly’s Sandwiches. 

Located at the mid-point between Fort Worth and downtown Dallas, Richard loves the variety of the area—whether it’s a festival at Sun Dan Square, slipping into a local spot to eat in Dallas, or taking a drive out of town to enjoy the great outdoors—he is proud to call the DFW area home. He is a motorcycle enthusiast and enjoys spending weekends riding his Harley Davidson through the hill countries of Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.   

Steve von Oetinger

Steve von Oetinger Miami, Florida Vice President & General Manager

Vice President & General Manager

Miami, Florida

Steve von Oetinger is Vice President and General Manager for the Suddath Miami Branch. An industry veteran for nearly 30 years, he’s known as an effective leader and a problem solver. He strives to truly understand customer needs and be their solution. Born in Warren, Michigan and having grown up in New England, Steve has lived all over the United States and therefore intimately understands his customers’ relocation experience. 

Steve has been with Suddath since January 2014 when he was Director of Branch Services. He was attracted to the forward-thinking culture here at Suddath, as well as the dedicated, hardworking and well-informed people he met. Once on board, his career took off, and he quickly moved up the ranks. Since then, he’s been General Manager of several large successful Suddath markets. He’s amazed at how the feel of this family-owned and operated business keeps its close-knit culture, while simultaneously being a major international company. Having been at numerous Suddath locations, he is always impressed by how consistent the core values of integrity, trust, innovation, commitment and teamwork are deeply shared throughout the Suddath network.

Outside of work, Steve enjoys time with his family, archery and golf. You can catch him and his team around town at his favorite lunch spot, the Bulla Gastrobar, in Coral Gables.

Dave Kordonowy

Dave Kordonowy Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota Vice President & General Manager

Vice President & General Manager

Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota

As Vice President & General Manager Suddath’s branch office in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Dave Kordonowy is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of a busy cross-functional warehousing facility serving the Twin Cities metro area. With over 25 years of experience in the moving and logistics industry, Dave’s experience spans from strategic planning to risk management. He previously served in leadership positions in revenue generation, sales leadership, business development and quality improvement.

Prior to joining Suddath, Dave was General Manager & Controller at Lee Truck Equipment. Before that, he held positions as a vice president and general manager at JK Moving Services, and a senior vice president at Graebel Companies, Inc. Dave has two Bachelor of Science degrees in business administration and accounting from North Dakota State University.

Vince Rosauer

Vince Rosauer Portland, Oregon President & General Manager

President & General Manager

Portland, Oregon

Vince Rosauer is President and General Manager for the Suddath Portland area operations. A veteran in the industry for over 30 years, Vince recently came to Suddath in 2017 after being attracted to the company for being forward thinking, for its company culture and family atmosphere. Originally from Hillsboro, a suburb of Portland, Vince considers himself a true native and knows the area like the back of his hand. He wants to be known for being innovative, relational and as a strong leader who takes care of his staff and clients. Asked what sets Suddath apart from others, he loves working with a company that is proactive instead of reactive, has a long history of excellence, enjoys a deep local presence as well as a strong global network.
The loyalty, care and culture he sees amongst his Portland staff he described as unbreakable as the bonds of a family. He is proud to see the way they always put customers first and other’s needs above their own. The staff sticks together, are astoundingly creative, bring out the best in each other and deeply care for customers.

Vince is an avid outdoorsman and loves to fill his lungs with fresh air. When he’s not fishing, skiing or doing outdoor athletic competitions, you’ll catch him out enjoying a bite with others at The Ram or Ringside Steakhouse.