Strengthen Your Supply Chain

Structured for Better Quality, Health and Safety

Inconsistent management or control over warehouses leads to poor service, bad customer experiences and opens businesses up to risks that could damage their brand. Because Suddath® owns over 35 primary locations, we have the direct ability to drive market-leading health, quality and safety performance to reduce risk in your supply chain, including:

  • Tightly controlled company owned locations to consistently meet rigid quality control standards
  • Strict adherence to applicable health and safety standards, as well as compliance capabilities ranging from food safety permits to full Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification
  • Organizational commitment to PDCA cycle
  • Direct ability to quickly adapt to and meet changing customer and regulatory requirements

Experience You Can Trust

With a commitment to quality and ultimately good customer experiences, we have invested in our people, our processes and our facilities to drive high levels of safety, quality and health performance standards within the industry.

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Advanced Training

We invest in thorough training so employees can properly interact with customers and vendors while meeting all local and national health guidelines

Personal Protective Equipment

Employees wear PPE, including face coverings and disposable latex or vinyl gloves and maintain six-foot physical distance, whenever possible

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Worker Screenings

Employees must pass Fit for Duty screenings before entering a job site to help reduce the spread of infection

Good Hygiene Practices

All employees practice regular hand washing, avoid contact with their face or mouth and regularly clean workstations

Stay Informed

We conduct regular infection control assessments to identify improvements and stay aligned with fast-changing science, as well as evolving requirements and regulations

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Focused on Health

With health at the forefront of our corporate culture, all employees have access to a well-being program focused on physical health, financial fitness, career progress and community service

Efficiency with Virtual Audits

As part of our commitment to be innovative and proactive, we have instituted paperless inspections and internal electronic audits. This more efficient way of conducting audits enabled us to train our workforce year-round and ramp up internal audits during the pandemic amid travel restrictions and mandated minimal in person contact to better protect our customers’ supply chains.

In 2021, we completed more than 4,000 internal audits, increasing our yearly audits while maintaining COVID-19 protocols.


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