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What retail stores, hotels and restaurants of any size have in common is a responsibility to make their guests feel welcome and give them a consistent experience. Suddath® dedicates a skilled group of strategists and teams who transport, set up, assemble and disassemble furniture, fixtures and equipment for these industries, from here in the U.S. to distant tropical resorts. While highly specialized, our furniture, fixtures & equipment (FF&E) services leverage Suddath freight transportation and event logistics capabilities and the overall power of our domestic and global network. Just some of our broader capabilities include:

  • Construction timelines
  • Asset and non-asset-based solutions
  • Transportation management from vendor to retail
  • FF&E hotel, retail and restaurant

Hospitality, retail
and restaurants

Over the years we’ve worked hard to understand and anticipate the dynamics of hospitality, retail and restaurant business models, from openings and closings to expansion and growth. More than just FF&E specialists, we become a part of your team, allowing you to offload traditional traffic functions to our dedicated group, and work side-by-side with your real estate and construction partners.

A partnership from start to finish

As a full-service partner, many of our clients even ask us to take on broader roles in project management. Just some of our services include:

  • Opening and closing support
  • Project management
  • Full remodel or basic refresh projects
  • Complete chain roll-outs

Dedicated in-house supply chain systems let our combined team see shared processes, helping streamline efforts and deliver FF&E solutions on time and within budget.

A new way of looking at timeless demands

On-time, cost-effective delivery is essential to any business that hinges on placement of elements like FF&E hotel beds, tables and flat screens and FF&E furniture essential to delivering the right customer experience. Our cloud-based, proprietary system gives you a new way of looking at openings, closings, remodels, rebrands and other projects. Whether on your mobile device or your desktop, this system gives you total supply chain visibility and simple ways to view complex information with a tap, swipe or click.

Asset Management: taking the long view

One of the easiest ways we make a big impact is helping you leverage your existing assets. Given the pace of change, it may seem easier to dispose of assets like retail shelving. Drawing on our warehousing and supply chain management capabilities, we can ship, move, store and repurpose your shelving, fixtures and FF&E furniture. FF&E hotel assets may include beds or sofas that can be removed, stored and repurposed.

Saving for the future

Our systems allow you to track these items for their lifespan and act quickly when they’re needed again, without having to source and purchase new furniture, fixtures or equipment. Just a few examples of reusable customer assets include:

  • Freestanding or hardwired signage
  • POS technology and cabinets
  • Kiosks
  • FF&E furniture of all types

Our specialized work with these industries brings together the passion to serve that drives us forward and the boots-on-the-ground skills that help us stand apart. We’d love to hear more about what moves your business, and talk about how we can help.
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High touch FF&E

Suddath works with premium hotel chains to deliver, assemble and arrange complete room suites including beds, desks, lamps, sofas and night tables as well as mount flat-screens. These are just some of the ways we can partner with you to enhance the customer experience essential to the success of your brand.

Meet the FF&E Solutions Team

Tom Ruede

Vice President of Sales

Tom is a 20-year proven sales leader in logisitics, transportation and supply chain management, with a focus on the development of processes and planning for Suddath customers.

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