Third-Party Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management

As a third-party logistics partner (3PL), Suddath® provides end-to-end supply chain management solutions personalized to support your business strategy and the way you serve your customers.
By combining an agile, entrepreneurial spirit with global strength and resources, we can respond quickly to changes in your business without sacrificing the stability and reliability of an industry leader.
High Touch
Our personalized approach adds value to the steps between manufacturing and final delivery to customers, with touches like sorting, labeling, installation and testing that result in a truly finished product.

Global transportation management

Transportation is at the heart of what we do and runs across all the logistics services we provide. Since our first cargo load in 1919, we’ve helped thousands of organizations maintain and grow their businesses, crossing ground, air and oceans to meet customer demand.

  • Licensed freight broker, customs broker and NVOCC
  • CSA-vetted and TSA-certified

Unsurpassed supply chain visibility

Our cloud-based WMS provides customers with full visibility into every step in their supply chains. Advanced yet simple mobile, tablet and desktop views give you up-to-the-second insight, from 10,000 feet down to individual purchase orders with a tap, click or swipe. 

Warehousing and distribution

As part of our contract logistics services, we offer warehousing and distribution capabilities that are set up and managed to support the unique flow of your business and your products. Staffed by trained, qualified and closely supervised teams who truly become an extension of your business, we offer fulfillment, tracking, kitting, packing, cross-docking and first- and last-mile solutions. Our wide span of warehousing and distribution facilities offer millions of square feet of domestic space, and we provide international space in cooperation with global partners who meet our commitment to quality.

Meet your team

Becoming an extension of your business through a responsive, personal approach makes us a different kind of third-party logistics partner. We’d love to hear more about your business and talk about how we can help.

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What’s a High-Touch 3PL?

As your products move across your supply chain, we want them to arrive more customer-ready than when the journey began. At the simplest level, this could mean custom sorting, labeling and assembly. What we really thrive on are value-added services—like delivering, assembling and testing exercise equipment for a fitness center or a customer’s home, or setting up luxury hotel rooms to serve important guests—that make a difference in your customers’ experiences.

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