Safely Moving Seattle for 113 Years

From day one, Suddath® has kept our customers’ peace of mind as a top priority in everything we do every day. We know that moving your belongings is an important responsibility, and we make it our top priority to provide peace of mind and safe delivery of the items that make your house a home. With our century of experience, we know that even moving locally from Lake City to Deldridge can be a costly event if the team you’ve chosen isn’t experienced and properly trained.

When you are preparing for a local move, you need to know that you have a partner with experience that you can trust. That’s why Suddath invests resources and time in training and vetting every crew member. Every team member at Suddath has passed our exhaustive background check before being allowed to serve our customers.

This includes your dedicated move coordinator, who will act as your single-point-of-contact throughout your local move. These are trained and tenured members of our team who will help you and our crew anticipate any need and create a move plan everyone will follow.

Suddath local moving is also proud to provide fully-vetted drivers who are trained at Suddath University where they learn how to transport your goods with expert precision. Our own in-house training center, Suddath University provides in-depth training and education in logistics, moving, and relocation, as well as empathetic customer service.

It’s our depth of training and our commitment to putting our customers first that makes moving locally with Suddath a top choice in Emerald City. It’s also why our customers consistently give us 5-star reviews, making us one of the highest rated local movers in Seattle.

We received the AMSA Award for our commitment to excellent customer service, and we maintain a BBB Rating of A+. As a partner and top booking agent for United Van Lines, we are proud to provide the reliability and coverage of the #1 mover in the U.S. and together we are the leader in local moving.


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Flexible services to fit your budget

Every move is different and Suddath knows that each local moving customer has unique needs and budget.

Suddath offers a wide range of flexible services to fit any budget and every level of service desired. For those who want to reduce some clutter before packing up, we offer a Declutter Program. This program is designed to help you stage your home for selling and tuck away personal items before listing or showing your home. We can help you sort through your closets, attic, and garage to discover items you can dispose of or donate before you start moving.

Suddath can take care of every aspect of your local move with our full-service packing. Another option is our partial packing service, where you would tell us if you have any specialty items you are most concerned with packing properly, and we can just pack those specific items for you. Finally, there is always the DIY option, where you pack everything up, and we transport it to your new home.

Let us know if there are any specialty items you have that need the extra care of professional packing, and we’ll handle the rest. Your coordinator will be happy to do all of the prep work and planning for you.

Flexible and secure short- and long-term storage

If your local moving plan change at the last minute, we can also arrange to store your items in our warehouse until your new home is ready. We understand that plans may need to be adjusted due to mortgage closing dates, job changes, and weather events. We have the ability to quickly and seamlessly adapt with you to take care of your needs.

Suddath local moving has over 3 million square feet of storage facilities in Seattle with 24/7 monitoring and climate control for your most sensitive items. Your move coordinator will be there to help you plan and coordinate short- or long-term storage. The coordinator will also be available to help when you’d like your goods delivered.

Local Moving FAQs

1. What is valuation coverage?

One thing you should keep in mind is that valuation coverage is not insurance. In order to procure insurance for your move, you will need to work through a licensed insurance company.

What you get through your mover is valuation coverage. This is an agreement between you and your moving company regarding claims and declaring who is liable for those claims.

Itt is required that moving companies offer you valuation coverage. If a moving company fails to do so, it may be a sign that they are a disreputable or “rogue” mover. Valuation coverage guarantees that the moving company pays for items that became lost or damaged by the fault of the moving company. If your goods are lost or damaged and the moving company is at fault, the mover agrees to pay the agreed upon amount. For example, Suddath offers standard Released Value Protection (RVP)valuation coverage at $0.60 per pound of your shipment.

As you prepare for your upcoming move, you will want to explore if valuation coverage will work for you, or if you’d like to insure your goods through an insurance company. If you have more specific questions about insurance and valuation coverage, your local moving coordinator will be happy to help.

Learn more about your valuation coverage options in our blog post on the subject.

2. When should I start my moving process?

Ideally, we recommend that you begin the process no later than two months before your desired move date.

Have less time than that before you need to move? You’re in the right place. Suddath has over 100 years of experience helping families move long distances. We can help you navigate your timeline with an optimized move plan.

3. What if you break something? How do I submit a claim?

It is our goal to make sure that the belongings we move for you always make it to their destination safely. Our drivers and operators spend time training at Suddath University in Jacksonville, Florida where they are trained on professional packing techniques, loading/unloading, safety instructions, and then they do 250 hours of mentored training in how to maneuver Seattle’s roadways safely in every season of the year.

In the rare case that one of your items is damaged, your Suddath local move coordinator will be with you through the entire process. The coordinator will provide a claim form and walk you through each step of documenting your broken items. Once the form is completed, your coordinator will have a claims representative will reach out to you within 24 hours.

4. What do you do to ensure quality and customer satisfaction during my local move?

Our crews also complete our own a separate program at Suddath University where local and long-distance drivers spend a week in intensive training at our location in Jacksonville, FL.

At Suddath University, there are multiple training rooms with different labs for technology, process training, and soft skills training. There is even a pre-fab apartment built into the warehouse where drivers must utilize their training for packing and loading containerized shipments. The program helps our Seattle local movers excel at customer service while they’re executing your move.

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