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Moving to Northern New Jersey? This City Guide is For You

If you're moving to Wayne, New Jersey, or within 25 miles of the town, you'll find a serene atmosphere that has a history dating back to the Western Expansion and Reform era. The township is one of the main hubs for Passaic County and was formed back in April of 1847. During that time, Wayne was mainly known for its land and as an agricultural hub but later was known for its coal-driven local economy. Today, the township has transformed into a calming backdrop of Northern New Jersey, and is mainly known for its great lake view neighborhoods and peaceful community.


  • The town has yet to adopt an official nickname.

Populations Stats

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that Wayne, New Jersey, is home to about 50,000 people.

Wayne Attractions, Parks and Landmarks

There are several landmarks, parks, and attractions in and around the Township of Wayne, including:


Colleges and Universities

Residents can pursue post-secondary education at colleges and universities in and around Wayne, including:


Sports Teams

Wayne, New Jersey offers a variety of sports teams residents can participate in. Currently, the township offers softball for women and men. While the town does not have a professional sports team, residents and visitors can still catch baseball and hockey teams practicing and playing in and around town. Wayne offers residents a local swim team and volleyball team. For more information on how you can be a part of these teams, just use the Township of Wayne website.

Here are some sports teams you can catch in and around Wayne:


Township of Wayne Neighborhoods and Districts

The Township of Wayne is home to several communities where residents can enjoy great lake views. The town also has many urban and suburban communities. Below are some of the popular neighborhoods in the area:

  • Fayette Avenue
  • Hoffman Grove
  • Lionshead Lake
  • Old Wayne
  • Packanack Lake
  • Pines Lake
  • Pompton Lake
  • Preakness
  • Toms Lake


From home cooked-style comfort food, such as fried chicken, to Japanese cuisine, such as sushi and sake, the Township of Wayne has many great places to satisfy your appetite. Check out some of the town's highest-rated hot spots:

Here are some lists from popular review websites of the restaurants for the area:



At night, the town comes alive thanks to its wide selection of entertainment options. You'll find some great nightlife and bar options, including the Lakeside Restaurant and Bar, where you can experience live music and amazing lake views. If you're looking for classic Irish dishes and entertainment, then Grasshopper Too should be on your must-visit list.


Although the town might be small, it's close to great shopping areas for your buying needs. Willowbrook Mall is one of the town's biggest malls where you can find stores such as Apple and Adidas. But if outdoor shopping malls are more  your style, then the Wayne Towne Center should be a great place for you to find great buys while taking advantage of an outdoor shopping experience.


You can use the Wayne Township Public School locator tool to find assigned schools based on your home address.

Major Cities

In less than 30 miles, residents can easily hit the road to travel to other major cities near Wayne. Newark is roughly only 20 miles away and Jersey City is about a 25-mile drive. New York City is a little over an hour’s drive.

Important City Links

Esri. Find stats on Northern New Jersey based on your ZIP code.

DMV/Licenses. Get your New Jersey state ID or driver's license at the local New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) office. Use the location map to find the nearest MVC location based on your address.

Voting Locations. Use the State of New Jersey's voting website to find your assigned polling site based on your address.

Emergency Shelters. Northern New Jersey offers residents many types of shelters depending on what care you need. You can use the Housing and Urban Development website to see the list of which location will be suited for you in your time of need.

Evacuation Maps for Natural Disasters. Use the evacuation map from Township of Wayne to locate important evacuation zones in the Township of Wayne.

Utilities Companies. Residents of the Township of Wayne can get power services from Jersey Central Power & Light. The town also handles its residents' water and sewage.

Trash/ Recycling ServicesThe town provides trash pickup and recycling services for residents in the area.

Cable and Internet Providers



Median Home Prices. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Northern New Jersey homes have a median value of $333,400.

Average Income. Northern New Jersey households have a median household income of $61,664.

Largest Employers. Some of the largest employers in New Jersey include Bank of America, Johnson & Johnson and Meridian Health.

Metropolitan Map. Find your way around the Township of Wayne by using this Metro Map.

National Parks. Wayne, New Jersey, doesn't have any National Parks but residents have access to High Mountain Reserve Park where they can enjoy hiking, mountain biking and great views.

Clubs. The Boys & Girls Club and YMCA have local chapters in Northern New Jersey, including the Wayne YMCA and the Boys & Girls Club of Northwest New Jersey.

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