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We are pleased with Suddath. They were attentive to our needs. I don’t know where the break down occurred but it seems some of our stuff is missing. Not sure that is Suddath’s fault.

Moved from San Antonio, Texas to Portugal in April, 2018. Had a lot of expensive stereo equipment and giant screen new TV as well as important and irreplaceable personal items I was very concerned about.
Suddath was recommended by a friend of a friend, and having on other personal references decided to use them. Extremely glad I chose them. The obviously have vetted their subcontractors very carefully, as the shipping company that picked up my goods in Texas were very courteous and professional. I was currently updated on progress, always in a professional and courteous manner. The company in Portugal was efficient and very helpful making sure I had all my correct documents and kept me updated on my delivery date, which was delayed by the ship, not the fault of Suddath. The goods did arrive on the rescheduled date and were delivered by a Portuguese moving company whose driver spoke good English and was efficient, courteous and quick to get everything unpacked. I gave all 3 a nice tip for doing an excellent job.
A big move like this is very traumatic and worrisome. I feel Suddath exceeded my expectations which were pretty high.
I can highly recommend this company.