Flexible Packing Services, Unpacking and Debris Removal 

Our philosophy for packing is to provide the best possible protection for the items entrusted into our care. The ultimate goal is to have every item arrive at its destination damage-free and in the same condition as when it left the origin residence. We strive for this level of quality on each and every international move. All our facilities and partner agents provide complete home protection, full or partial packing/unpacking, short-term and long-term storage, and debris removal. Additionally, you will only work with Suddath® team members who are trusted, background-screened and certified.

Door, floor and wall in-home protection can save you thousands 

We want to make sure we leave your home in the same condition that we found it. Upon arrival at your residence, our professional international movers are required to properly prepare your residence for the international packing and wrapping process. Floor protection is mandatory, as is the protection of work surfaces to be used for the wrapping and packing of individual items. Dedicated and trained crews are used throughout your packing and loading process so there won’t be any surprise individuals showing up halfway through the packing process.

Packing materials and technique matter 

Suddath adheres to the highest international packing standards, coupled with the highest quality and new packaging materials. In fact, we recently introduced a line of packing materials that includes double-wall cartons with unmatched durability and strength for our international moving customers.

Suddath takes every precaution to ensure the safety of your belongings:

  • We use the same internationally trained crew to pack and load at origin, giving you peace of mind of having skilled and experienced personnel at each step.
  • Packing efficiently and safely is an art that Suddath has mastered. While packing for density reduces overall costs, it also increases load integrity. This is particularly important when loading directly into a steamship container to avoid load shift.
  • Clearly labelling boxes and cartons is just the beginning. We go a step further and note glass fronts, delicate legs, location of bundles, contents and pre-mark where the carton or item should be loaded (base or top).
  • We always pack your “like” items together – no mixing of garage items with household items.
  • We make sure that small, loose items are packed in the appropriate parts box and not wrapped in dunnage.
  • Packing of cartons is to be restricted to a “reasonable weight” which maintains load integrity and facilitates safe handling.
  • Suddath correctly identifies the finish of highly polished items to select the appropriate wrapping material for breathability during international relocations.

When you are ready to move, please contact us to schedule a pre-move walkthrough with one of our certified move counselors to give you an accurate, transparent and personalized estimate. This can be done at a time that works for you in your home or virtually using your smartphone