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Minneapolis/St. Paul
What a fiasco. Our van line out of Chicago contracted with Suddath here in the Twin Cities to unload our truck and move us into our new place last week. The crew was scheduled to be here at 8 AM. By 9 AM, no one showed up. Our driver called and the dispatcher, who gave conflicting stories. Finally three people showed up nearly 90 minutes late. One of the crew left after two hours, and another walked away well before the job was done. The lone bright spot was the performance of one of its employees, [Employee], who went above and beyond the call of duty. He picked up the slack and stayed until the job was done. Apart from the dedication and professionalism of [employee], this was a horrible experience.

Minneapolis/St. Paul
DO NOT use this company. The salesman [employee] said if we purchased the insurance we would not have to provide proof of purchase if any furniture got damaged...he lied...they DO require proof of purchase price before they will reimburse you. We had a lot of damage and found China and books thrown in a laundry basket in the back of the truck. Getting reimbursement is a nightmare!!
PLEASE Make sure you have proof of purchase for all your furniture otherwise you WILl NOT get reimbursed, the insurance is expensive so beware!