A Trusted Team Managing Your Long-Distance Move

It is estimated that each year, approximately 40 million Americans move at least once. The reasons, locations and distances may vary, but each one requires expert planning and management in order for it to go smoothly. At Suddath, our goal is to simplify the moving process from the first time we survey your current residence to the moment we unload the final box into your new home.

We do that by assembling an expert team with extensive training in long distance moves. The most important member of this team for you will be your dedicated move coordinator, who will focus on coordinating the details, so you are able to focus more on settling into your new home. Our move coordinators are industry veterans who are highly versed in move management and will be helping to guide you through the entire process. This starts from move planning and date scheduling, includes minding your budget, and providing you with solutions for any issues or concerns you have along the way. While you’re focused on getting to your new city, they will be carefully tracking your shipment and staying in contact with the crew to facilitate a smooth transport.

At Suddath, the credentials and training of our crews is a top priority. Every Suddath team member is extensively trained in the moving process in safety, logistics and customer service skills. They dedicate hundreds of hours to training our own Suddath University, where they learn special procedures for packing, transport, home protection and more.

Members are background-checked and drug-screened as required by industry legislators, partner networks and Suddath itself. They even participate in simulated moves at our own pre-fab model home to gain real life experience before they ever work in a customer’s home. When you are greeted by Suddath crew members and are preparing to work with them extensively on your long-distance move, you can be confident that your move is being facilitated by professionals that you can trust.


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We can take you anywhere you need to go

Our trusted relationships are an important component to what makes Suddath a leader in the industry. Since no single moving organization can have branches in every city in the country, long distance moves often requires working with partners across the nation to help facilitate the process.

To accomplish successful long-distance moves, Suddath proudly partners with United Van Lines – America’s #1 van line and agent network, featuring the industry’s top-rated drivers and operators and modern truck fleet. This partnership ensures that when it comes to domestic long-distance moves, we can get you anywhere you need to go in North America.

Our partnership is based on United’s dedication to the same high standards for quality, values and safety that Suddath has prided itself on for 100 years.

This vetted and decades-long partnership means that we don’t take risks with your valuable belongings. Time and again, our long-distance customers display our proven record of successful moves through their reviews and feedback. When you start your long distance move with our Suddath Melbourne team, know that we have earned a 5-star average rating from our customers. Because of our high customer ratings and dedication to safety, Suddath Central Florida has won “Branch of the Year” three years running.

Customizable and flexible moving services

We realize that long distances moves are not a regular occurrence – increasing the possibility that some of your needs may be slightly unpredictable.

Backed by a 100-year history of moving knowledge, experience, and a wide range of moving services, Suddath teams can adapt to change quickly. For instance, a common last-minute need when moving across the country is storage for some of your belongings. We offer climate-controlled warehouses available in various locations and can quickly accommodate your items for long and short-term storage needs.

You may also need assistance moving specialty items, such as pianos, wine collections, cars, or even help moving with your family pet. Our Melbourne branch has experience with coordinating the move of just about any item, relying on partner networks and long-standing relationships that we have cultivated for decades. Your move coordinator is there to help you arrange the best situation for your need, timeline and budget.

Long-Distance Moving FAQs

1. Moving long-distance is a huge task. How do I find a company I am comfortable with?

Research is certainly the key to selecting a reputable long-distance moving company. Here are a few line items to add to your evaluation checklist:

  • A detailed online presence
    Today, we can find most everything we need with a quick search online. An established, reputable moving company will have an extensive web presence, both with their own corporate branded website as well as reviews and ratings from independent sources. Make sure everything is in working order – the site, the phone numbers, the email addresses and the links from their affiliated organizations like the Better Business Bureau and other well-known organizations.
  • A valid DOT number
    Confirm their DOT number on the FMSCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) official website. The government requires all commercial carrier vehicles to have a Department of Transportation (DOT) number.
  • In-home survey
    Insist on a walkthrough by the moving company to assess the contents of your home, itemize the details and to begin the formal estimating process for an accurate quote. Moving companies are required to do this; a company cutting corners and giving ball-park estimates should throw up a red flag.

You can find more information in our blog on making sure your moving company is legitimate.

2. What are my options for an in-home walkthrough?

You can choose from two convenient options for an in-home survey:

  • An in-person home survey
  • A virtual walkthrough

In either scenario, your walkthrough is performed by a qualified Suddath representative. The virtual walkthrough can be done easily from your phone or tablet. Through your electronic device using a video-call application similar to FaceTime or Skype, your representative will guide you through your home, asking questions about the contents of the home, the layout and more so that they can create a detailed accurate estimate that covers any packing needs, and the equipment, personnel and transportation that will be needed on moving day.

No matter what option you choose, Suddath will be able to provide you with moving logistics, answer any questions you may have, and provide you with a thorough and binding moving quote.

3. When should I get started on the moving process?

After 50,000 annual moves, Suddath has a world of knowledge to share when it comes to planning. Visiting our information center will link you to a library of checklists and moving tips for most any specialized moving need you may have.

In general, a good starting point to begin planning should be about 8 weeks out from your move. From there, the countdown begins!

Getting an in-home moving quote is your first line of business. From there, it’s time to focus on your home’s belongings and getting organized – what stays? What goes? Do you pack yourself? Do we handle packing? Gather documents, contact utilities, take steps for moving with pets, kids, seniors, etc.

All along, you will be working with a dedicated Suddath move coordinator to guide the process. They will also help you select a move date that works for your schedule and within your budget. While you absolutely can choose whatever day you like to move, we advise flexibility when it comes to load dates that might be more budget-friendly.

4. For a long distance move, how you do ensure the safety and security of my belongings?

First, we survey your home during a virtual or in-person walkthrough and create a detailed inventory of your items. If you have not chosen to pack your items yourself, our crew will pack for you, using the latest crating techniques and top-quality materials. We then log all items, noting any existing damages or special indicators attributed to your items so that we have a record of their condition prior to the move. A catalog is generated that includes box labels and room markers.

We then take all measures to protect your home by covering floors, wrapping banisters and door-jams and creating a move path through the home. After wrapping or padding furniture and other standalone, large items, we begin systematically emptying the contents of the home and loading them into the moving truck. Contents are packed carefully and tightly to avoid shifting during travel, and support staff tracks your items digitally during the transport.

Once we reach your new home, the process is essentially reversed. We protect the new home, unload items and move them into their designated spots. If you have opted for an unpacking program, we will unpack your belongings; we always unwrap/un-pad furniture and clean up.

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