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Great move. Wonderful staff. Easy move.

The team we had was hard working and most had great attitudes. However we did have two of the movers that apparently did not want to work with one another. One of the these two movers showed up two hours late to the job. They argued in our home and then one of them left halfway through the move. We eventually gained a 4th mover hours later due to them having to send an additional truck to move us. We all waited an hour and a half for this additional truck to show up. I am told an hour of this wait time was deducted from our billing, but we were billed the full amount for 4 movers which we did not have during the entire move. When addressing this with Suddath I received response that we had 4 movers the entire time. Apparently they do not think their customers have the ability to count to 4... Overall I believe the move was satisfactory, we were just billed in excess of the services that were promised. I recommend using your phone to video any issues you may have during your move as you may need it. I want to point out that two of our movers Juan and Gerald did an amazing job. Great attitudes and professional. They are the reason this rating is a 3 not a 1 or 2.