Event Logistics

We define events in terms of time. A store opening doesn’t always include booths, balloons, tents and confetti. What it does include is a specific moment when everything needs to come together perfectly. The same is true for trade-show logistics and support for expos, launches and demonstrations. The Suddath® event logistics team specializes in any scenario where our customers answer to a line outside the door.

Trade-show logistics and event support projects

Time-critical events we provide trade-show logistics and support for include:

  • Corporate events
  • Private events
  • Product launches
  • Motorcycle, snowmobile or other vehicle demonstrations
  • Trade shows
  • Traveling museum exhibits
  • Retail installations and openings

Our event logistics team makes sure your big moment comes together perfectly by 1) drawing on our near-century’s experience as a 3PL and freight forwarder, 2) offering our own assets and 3) using our experience and resources as a platform for exceptional flexibility to your needs. 

They’re our assets, but it’s your event

We’ll help you look your best. Dedicated vehicles and equipment that carry your brand, staffed by experts who know your business and know the drill, bring timeliness and consistency to product demonstrations, trade-show shipping and storage, expos and store openings. Let us provide ground-floor coordination for logistics, setup, teardown and cleanup so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Mastering the art of time

As a third-party logistics and transportation management provider for global supply chain management, being on time is in our DNA. The same teams, assets and systems that ship millions of products around the world will be there when customers gather to learn about you and your products.

Comprehensive event support services

By providing resources from our extensive network, drawing on our global logistics experience, and being responsive to your needs, we provide a variety of valuable services from trade-show transport to event logistics including:

  • Custom displays and exhibit trailers
  • Mobile marketing including branded trucks, trailers and equipment
  • On-site labor management and event support
  • Installation and dismantling service
  • Packaging of equipment and trade-show booths (crated, skidded and/or pad wrapped)
  • Trade-show display shipping and storage
  • Event and trade-show transport to sites and convention centers

Equipment handling

Some equipment types we specialize in handling for openings, demonstrations or trade-show shipping and storage include:

  • Fitness equipment transportation, assembly, installation and removal 
  • Medical and banking equipment
  • Inside delivery and removal service, commercial and residential
  • Enthusiast products and retail fixtures

Strength through flexibility

Being an event logistics provider means never saying “No” to last-minute changes, and when the impossible happens, still finding a way. We believe that by meeting us, hearing our experience and talking about your project you’ll get a sense of that responsive attitude and our desire to make a difference.

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High-touch event logistics

For us, event logistics means adding value and delivering experiences. This might mean assembling, installing and personally testing every piece of equipment for a fitness center opening, and having the skills to run diagnostics and solve problems. It can even mean in-home assembly of high-end consumer products, allowing manufacturers to deliver on important customer promises. It involves more than shipping an item; it’s about knowing it inside and out. It means being fully invested not just in getting it there but feeling accountable to the end results.

Meet the Event Logistics Team

Mike Hansen

Senior Vice President, Event Logistics

Mike has more than 30 years’ experience in the relocation and transportation industry. In his leadership role, he is responsible for building an asset-owned fleet to serve Suddath customers.

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