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The rapid pace of change in today’s business landscape makes it more critical than ever to constantly strengthen your supply chain. In order to protect your business and remain ahead of the competition, you have to select the right third-party logistics (3PL) company. There are many options ranging from large international logistics companies to small logistics companies in Florida. In terms of scale, capabilities, sophistication, responsiveness and flexibility, both ends of the spectrum have advantages and disadvantages. Often, companies are forced to make too many compromises between the capabilities of a large 3PL company and the flexibility and service of smaller providers.

When you partner with Suddath®, you don’t have to compromise. You get the best of both worlds, including the resources and strength of the biggest 3PL companies paired with our commitment to being the most responsive and flexible provider in the industry. We have all the positive attributes of a small company, including high-touch service that makes you feel like our only customer, while giving you the scale, stability, resources and financial strength of a large, global logistics provider. This unique combination sets us apart in the industry and gives you a stronger supply chain with no compromises.

Whether you’re a small company or an international corporation, we serve customers of any size across a broad range of industries including manufacturing, retail, restaurant, hotel and resort, ecommerce, technology, food, medical and defense. Our Tampa logistics services range from basic warehousing and last mile delivery to complicated logistics project management, ecommerce and omnichannel support. No matter what your project, Suddath has the capabilities, resources, technology and flexibility to strengthen your supply chain.


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Warehousing, Distribution & Fulfillment

Get flexible warehousing 3PL solutions without costly long-term commitments and volume guarantees

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Simplify your projects with our comprehensive furniture, fixtures and equipment logistics solutions

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We offer truckload, less-than-truckload, and a full range of transportation services as a licensed freight broker and asset-based motor carrier

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Last Mile Delivery 

We deliver exceptional customer experiences backed by 100 years of expertise going into homes and workplace environments

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You Get Big Company Resources with a Small Company Feel

See how Suddath gives you the responsiveness and flexibility you get from a local logistics provider as well as the resources, assurance, sophistication and experience of a global logistics company. All this adds up to a no compromise solution that continuously strengthens your supply chain.

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Experience the Direct Service Provider Advantage

With over 35 owned facilities around the nation, you benefit from the speed, consistency and savings only possible with an asset-based provider.

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port worker using tablet for supply chain technology

Get More Visibility and Control with Innovative Technology

We’ve created a power suite of industry-leading technology that offers more and better control over your supply chain to decrease risk and enhance performance. From real-time warehouse and inventory management to a first-of-it’s kind task management application that gives you visibility from manufacturer to destination, our advanced tools add to the strength of your supply chain.

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See Why Our Quality Means a Stronger Supply Chain

We’ve invested in quality, health and safety across our business to minimize risks to your supply chain. By delivering consistent management and control over our Tampa warehouse, as well as our 20 logistics warehouses around the nation, we offer a better, more consistent customer experience. We’ve also enhanced our health and safety protocols amid the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our workers and customers.

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Local Logistics Capabilities


Scalable International Solutions

Using our international resources and foreign trade zone capabilities, Suddath provided an international e-commerce company with a solution during their busy season to accommodate fluctuating needs.

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Bonded Capabilities

We offer foreign trade zone (FTZ) activated space in our bonded warehouses, which enables us to reduce our clients’ costs, and offer more flexible import solutions.

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Our logistics team in Tampa is ready to give you a no compromise solution that strengthens your supply chain.