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The hospitality industry continues to reimagine and reinvent its environment. Hotels are constantly being built or renovated to appeal to a multitude of different ideas. In today’s marketplace, renovation and construction projects are about more than upgrading outdated facilities and furniture, it is about establishing a brand and creating unforgettable experiences for guests. The hospitality industry needs a partner who understands that the landscape for hospitality is constantly in motion.
Suddath® recognizes the difference between the challenges of a complete new build geared for younger audiences and the renovation of an existing luxury beachfront resort. We are uniquely structured to bring value to hotel construction and renovation projects both around the corner and across the world. Over the last ten years, Suddath has performed many of the world’s largest and most complicated hotel projects.

Wilshire Grand Hotel

Multiple Services - One Provider

Suddath assists hotel owners, developers, management companies, purchasing companies and contractors reduce both costs and risk during new construction and renovation projects. Our teams can seamlessly manage warehousing, delivery and installation of hotel FF&E and OS&E – providing you with a single point of accountability. You’ll even have complete visibility to your inventory and consistent updates on project progress through our WMS client portals. As a large global company with significant financial, asset and labor resources, we can scale quickly to meet the needs of any timeline. We also save you money by utilizing our own trucks, warehouses, and installers in more than 17 major markets across the United States and is a NVOCC which can provide transportation both domestically and internationally.

We build complete solutions

Any company can store and relocate your furnishings, but it takes a specialized provider to develop detailed solutions customized to the needs of a project. Before we present our plan, we study drawings, product lists, and project timelines to identify logistical challenges upfront. We analyze model room installations to find opportunities for increased efficiencies in kitting, delivery and installation. We establish dedicated service delivery teams and provide real-time digital access to project inventory.

A unique partner for your unique projects

Suddath provides comprehensive hotel FF&E, OS&E and GC materials services as listed below - 

  • Warehousing and inventory management
  • Installation
  • Project management
  • Transportation

Technology at its finest

In today’s market, inventory management must be real time and in sync with project deployment timelines. The days of receiving all product in advance are gone and having “just in time” inventory management capabilities is critical. Today’s furniture has multiple components and a provider must be able to track all parts to ensure all pieces are delivered and outfitted properly.    

Suddath is a leader in inventory management technology. In 2016 we deployed a state of the art warehouse management system (WMS). This WMS platform tracks and reports inventory in real time. Suddath makes it effortless for you to keep your finger on the pulse of inventory visibility.    

The Suddath Warehouse Management System allows for

  • Real time inventory management            
  • Integration with customer host systems, via FTP or EDI   
  • Automated inbound and outbound order processing
  • Image capture at receipt              
  • Email subscriptions notifications for warehouse reporting
  • Transaction based activity with audit and history              
  • Billing management module allowing several billing methods (activity, storage, frequency)     
  • Interactive client portal
  • Enterprise view by project and location

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