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The restaurant industry is undergoing a digital transformation, with brands around the country needing to implement tech-enabled ordering and different facility designs to streamline the customer experience. At Suddath®, we offer a complete FF&E logistics solution that synchronizes all the services you need, whether you’re enabling an existing location with updated options for customer ordering and pick up or managing a refresh of locations across the nation. Supporting everything from technology roll outs to restaurant openings, closings, remodels, refreshes and redeployments, we work with some of the most well-known restaurants in the world to deliver scalable, technologically-enabled solutions. We do this by:

  • Providing complete solutions to streamline projects and strategically reduce cost
  • Being the most flexible and responsive provider with catered programs and proven best practices from other well-known brands  
  • Providing you more visibility and control over your supply chain with our proprietary technology
  • Operating 35+ owned locations for repeatable and value priced solutions across the country
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Why Choose Suddath

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Streamline Your Restaurant Projects & Strategically Reduce Costs

Suddath has a full spectrum of services including procurement support, vendor management, on-site project management, warehousing, delivery and installation to simplify your projects and eliminate unnecessary cost. We give you a single point of contact and act as an extension of your team while increasing visibility into the supply chain with our proprietary technology.  At Suddath, we:

  • Strategically reduce transportation costs 30% to 40% through route optimization, consolidation and by removing manufacturer markups
  • Eliminate unnecessary “middle-man” layered costs on warehousing and labor through our company owned locations in 35+ markets
  • Strengthen your resources with experts to help you scale for major projects and spikes in demand without adding long-term fixed cost
  • Reduce damages, claims and downtime with tight control over transportation, warehousing and installation

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Unparalleled Flexibility and Responsiveness

We keep agility at our core. Uniquely positioned to provide you all the resources and capabilities of even the largest third-party logistics (3PL) companies, Suddath takes things to a completely new level with a commitment to being the most flexible and responsive provider in the industry. Large logistics providers have limitations on how they are willing to do things and try to put unique customers “in a box.” At Suddath, our process starts with questions to help us understand your unique challenges leading to customized solutions catered to your unique requirements. 

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Technology for More Visibility and Better Outcomes


Consistency and Control from Manufacturer to Final Destination

Struggling to know where your products are and when they will arrive? Suddath created SiMPL®️, a game-changing application based on customer needs to give you visibility to monitor your manufacturing and logistics supply chain with access to details on various stages of manufacturing and information on shipping, consolidation, kitting, delivery and installation to ensure timelines are protected and deadlines are met.

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Tracker Last Mile

End-to-End Final Mile Visibility

Left in the dark on the status of your décor and equipment installations?  Recognizing the need to digitally track every aspect of the last mile and installation process Suddath created the award-winning Tracker Last Mile application providing access to scheduling information, inventory control, quality checklists, digital photos and service acknowledgments on all of your restaurant FF&E projects. 

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Repeatable Solutions Where You Need Us

Are you spending too much time creating a unique solution and budget for multiple projects in different locations? Execute successful restaurant openings, rebrands or refreshes around the nation with Suddath designing a consistent, repeatable solution. With more than 35 owned locations across the country to help you avoid “middle-man markups” and an extended partner network, Suddath has the unique ability to provide repeatable value-added national and global solutions.    

We support McDonald’s on store openings, remodels and technology rollouts across the nation. Learn more about our McDonald’s FF&E logistics program.

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Project Management for McDonald’s

McDonald’s recently opened a net-zero energy restaurant with Suddath managing vendors, warehousing and final-mile delivery. Using an integrated approach, Suddath delivered services through our asset-based warehouse and our extended network partners to provide a complete solution for the fast-food chain. Although complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic, Suddath tightly managed the project with real-time visibility and control through cutting-edge technology.

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