Florida, Georgia & New York City

Key Services

  • Vendor Management
  • Real-time inbound tracking, outbound tracking and inventory management
  • KPI reporting to customer
  • Picking and kitting specific solutions

The Facts

  • 500 stores in FL
  • 300 stores in NY
  • 10 dedicated FL warehouses
  • 2 dedicated NY warehouses

Client Testimonial

Prior to going to a consolidation center strategy, we had several inefficiencies in moving materials to our restaurant job sites. Suddath has helped us to not only consolidate shipments, but to also manage and store the material until we need it. Their expertise has helped reduce our freight costs, increase our schedule flexibility and improve the relationship with our owner operator community.

- Dan Leek - Strategic Sourcing Manager
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Consolidation Project for McDonald’s. The Challenge: McDonald’s, a global fast foodConsolidation Project for McDonald’s®

The Challenge

McDonald’s, a global fast food chain with over 36,000 restaurants in over 100 countries, was looking for a single service provider to effectively manage all self-serve kiosk, POS system, kitchen equipment and construction equipment vendors. In addition to vendor management, they needed real-time trackable inbound and outbound transportation and warehousing capable of picking and kitting specific solutions to deliver to stores based on a tight construction schedule. The results had to be a flexible, variable-based solution that is repeatable and scalable across the country.

Project Goal: Consolidate a historically independent vendor system with multiple points of contact, into one uniform system with a single point of contact. Implement real-time trackable inbound and outbound transportation, storage and consolidation, and final delivery based on a strict construction schedule 

The Solution

Rather than managing separate contractors for each vendor, Suddath® was able to leverage our size, multiple warehouse locations and expertise to manage all of the client’s vendors, effectively becoming a single-source point of contact. We provided inbound transportation from each vendor into a local market warehouse equipped to put together unique product kits for each solution. After assembling product kits, we provided real-time trackable outbound delivery to stores based on a strict construction schedule. Suddath was their single point of contact capable of managing all aspects of their vendor management, transportation, and warehousing needs. This approach streamlined the process and reduced hidden costs to the client.

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