Jacksonville, Florida

Key Services

  • Temperature controlled & ambient storage
  • Import and domestic transportation
  • E-commerce fulfillment
  • Real time order tracking
  • Returns processing / imaging sharing
  • Quality and value-added services
  • Tier 1 WMS / Online inventory visibility

The Facts

  • Same Day shipping
  • 150,000 annual shipments
  • FIFO managed all product
  • Int’l and Domestic orders
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Leading Wellness Company in an E-commerce Marketplace. The Challenge: A leadingScalable solution offers flexibility

The Challenge

A leading international wellness company grew rapidly since their inception in 2012 resulting in the need for a supply chain group that could meet their third-party logistics, e-fulfillment and transportation requirements. The complexities of self-managing this burden distracted them from their day to day business objectives. They sought a logistics partner with the ability to flex up or down based on seasonal needs and volumes. This would allow them to only pay for labor and space required to meet their demand. This was a critical deciding factor as to whom they would ultimately select as their solution provider.

Project Goal: Assist growing e-commerce wellness client with 3PL services while adjusting to market demand to meet e-fulfillment needs.

The Solution

Suddath® generated innovative solutions to align with this leading international wellness company’s seasonal trends. They partnered with us to move their stored goods from a facility in Miami to our warehouse in Jacksonville, Florida to help facilitate international and domestic orders. Our Jacksonville facility specializes in e-commerce fulfillment which fell right in place with the needs fr this client. We took advantage of the retail downtime to interleave our associates and shift our workforce around to best accommodate their needs. As an extension of their business, Suddath anticipated our support efforts as they continued to grow. We have the capacity to engage an additional facility across the US to split the workload while saving transportation cost and improving transit time to their client base.

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