The Facts

  • Ongoing 12+ year partnership
  • Sole North American distributor
  • 180,846 items picked annually
  • 70,733 orders shipped per year
  • Dedicated repair and testing site with two technicians

Key Services

  • Receiving
  • Pallet in – case/box out
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Kitting
  • Pick and pack logistics
  • Parcel shipping via FedEx and USPS
  • Truckload freight transportation
  • Reverse logistics
  • Tech repairs
  • E-waste
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Integrated Global Logistics and Fulfillment Helps Fanatec Optimize North American Markets


Fanatec, an Endor AG German tech subsidiary specializing in sim racing hardware, needed a dedicated warehousing and distribution solution to efficiently manage its e-commerce supply chain. While focused on the creative engineering of high-quality input devices for leading game systems, partnering with a global 3PL logistics provider would help the company manage international manufacturing, multi-market shipping, and reverse logistics.

Its products are primarily manufactured in Asia and sold to customers in Europe, North America, Australia, and Japan. For its North American markets, creating a regional, optimized network to manage order fulfillment services, house surplus inventory, and support customer care was vital.


Paired with Fanatec’s 200+ employees primarily based in Germany, Suddath established an expansive warehousing and distribution solution to receive, store, process, and fulfill products. Across multiple markets in the US, over 1600 pallets are stored in Suddath-owned warehouses and distributed to consumers within the US, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, saving Fanatec transportation costs by shortening the distance between warehouse and end consumer.

Suddath designed a white-glove customer care solution featuring returns management, repairs, and recycling of damaged goods. Using a dedicated repair and testing site in the US, a Suddath technician team handles light repairs, such as soldering and rewiring, repacks, and ships products back to North American consumers. This process reduces transportation costs with limited shipments back to Germany, also immediate resolution for better customer experiences.


  • Comprehensive warehousing, distribution, and customer care services to North American consumers
  • Seamless parcel transportation via Suddath’s network, FedEx, and USPS
  • Product repairs and reverse logistics are carried out in minimum timeframes.
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