Quick scalability solves complex logistics and distribution challenges


Jacksonville, FL

Key Services

  • Raw materials delivery
  • Receiving and warehousing
  • Waste removal
  • Shredding and recycling
  • Case conversion and labeling

The Facts

  • 10 Year Relationship
  • 2 Off-site Suddath Warehouses
  • 1 on-site Warehouse

Client Testimonial

Suddath was able to scale quickly and build immediate momentum in solving complex logistics, replenishment and distribution challenges.

- Client Testimonial
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One of the world’s largest medical device manufacturers needed full-pallet storageChallenge

One of the world’s largest medical device manufacturers needed full-pallet storage of finished goods to manage overflow quarantine product.

The company had outgrown their distribution center, and needed an overflow solution quickly, but also one that could grow and be effective for the long term. After partnering with Suddath®, the client’s needs grew and they also required an efficient third-party logistics operation. To assist in this endeavor, Suddath began coordinating warehousing and value-added services such as case picking orders for the client’s customers.


After building trust in the partnership, Suddath was given the opportunity to manage the entire inventory of quarantine product.

This complex process included receiving quarantine finished goods directly from the client’s manufacturing lines, storing the quarantine product, and identifying and pulling samples of the quarantine product for the company’s Quality Assurance (QA) group for evaluation. After a thorough evaluation, the logistics team would release the quarantine product as directed by the QA group.

Suddath was also tasked with operating the manufacturer’s on-site raw materials warehouse by leveraging the use of a dedicated on-site team.

Because of this successful operation, the client wanted to expand the partnership in a way that would help them to more efficiently realize their daily production goals. Our team set up a lineside delivery operation to deliver raw materials directly to the point-of-use area within the client’s primary manufacturing lines to support the company’s busy production schedule.

Suddath now works directly with the Procurement, Planning and Scheduling departments to deliver the right material at the right time.


Given an opportunity to prove that our commitment to our client’s business goals is just as important as the services we provide, the team was able to grow from a single service opportunity into a successful, multi-facetted, decade-long relationship.

This partnership now includes one dedicated on-site warehouse, and two off-site warehouses, as well as the installation and implementation of a new shredder for materials/packaging destruction for the raw materials warehouse. Suddath operates this new shredder and processes approximately 85 tons of materials processing per month.

Most recently, we coordinated with the medical manufacturer on the installation of two labeling machines at our off-site distribution center to manage the labelling of finished goods products for the client’s Latin and Central American customers.

Suddath started this labeling operation in late 2016 and averaged over 76,000 multipacks per month. This success has led to more volume, and currently our team is labeling an average of 162,800 multipacks per month, with plans to expand to additional countries within the upcoming year.

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