Jacksonville, FL


  • Multi-service 3PL solution
  • One onsite warehouse and two dedicated offsite warehouses
  • Dedicated staff for onsite product transport and distribution
  • 160k+ multipacks labeled and shipped monthly to multiple countries
  • 85 tons of waste destroyed monthly

Key Services

  • Raw materials delivery
  • Receiving and warehousing
  • Waste removal
  • Shredding and recycling
  • Case conversion and labeling
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Streamlined Production Enables Better Healthcare Logistics for a Global Medical Device Manufacturer

One of the world’s largest medical device manufacturers needed full-pallet storageChallenge

In delivering innovative healthcare products to consumers globally, this medical device manufacturer needed a robust and complex solution that accommodates operations, inventory overflow, avoids employee disruption, and adapts to long-term supply and consumer demands.

Like many businesses adjusting to a post-pandemic era, developing a proactive healthcare logistics program with greater flexibility, adequate response to labor and raw material shortages, and fluctuating transportation capacity is a top priority. Through its 10+ year logistics warehouse partnership, Suddath’s expertise and resources have helped this company navigate evolving landscapes by providing additional warehousing storage and other value-add services. In continuing the partnership, it was important to redesign a logistics solution equipped to manage the unexpected and growing consumer demand.


Utilizing two dedicated commercial warehouses and complete management of the medical device company’s onsite facility, Suddath designed an optimized inventory system that organizes stored raw materials to flow through production. Through case conversion, country-specific shipments are repacked to fit standard pack sizes, maintaining lot control throughout the process. Suddath’s dedicated warehouse staff efficiently transports raw materials into product development and standard quarantine procedures, relieving technicians from additional tasks that could impact production.

Suddath’s innovative tier-1 warehouse management system, Körber, provides complete visibility into inventory levels, incoming shipments, pick, pack, and order fulfillment as raw materials are needed. This logistics technology enables quick response to market needs, such as limited access to raw materials and production loss within supplier channels.

After production and packaging, proprietary machinery labels finished products according to country regulations. In addition, onsite personnel ensure plastic waste is removed and appropriately destroyed.

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