Flexible solution helped reduce costs




  • Drayage
  • Warehouse storage and distribution
  • FTZ certification and compliance
  • 100+ items coordinated
  • Distribution management of domestic and imported products
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A large food manufacturer pre-purchased a high volume of product from a supplier outside of the U.S. in anticipation of increased customer demand. Therefore, they needed a third-party logistics facility and vendor located near their processing plant in the U.S. to help store and distribute additional pallets. They also needed to store and distribute domestically produced bulk product that would later be brought back for re-packaging according to production schedules. The facility had to be Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) certified and capable of maintaining a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification to handle their products.


As a reliable partner for this food manufacturer for more than 15 years, Suddath® created a flexible solution that helped reduce transportation costs and meet facility requirements by enhancing one of our nationwide facilities. When the organization needed a flexible solution that enabled them to store imported products as well as transport domestic product to and from their plant while meeting strict guidelines, our facility earned FTZ certification in under three months and made significant investments to meet the requirements set out in the GFSI program.

To accommodate 8,000-pound pallet needs, we re-engineered our facility by implementing a new warehouse layout and reconfiguring racking to increase capacity. Because Suddath has facilities strategically located around the nation, the manufacturer had a trusted partner close to their processing plant, saving on transportation costs and giving the manufacturer peace of mind its products are in good hands.


  • Provided facility that met FTZ and GFSI requirements
  • Minimized transportation costs
  • Reconfigured warehouse to meet pallet needs

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